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Mar 17

Armed with technology, would you help homeless youth?

Our video explores graphic facts of homelessness and the options for concerned citizens to explore.  NPR reports that the number of homeless in the US declined in 2013, however these statistics are often difficult to track from the transient and elusive nature of the populations under study.  Their report indicates that in 2013, around 610,000 …

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Feb 25

Why We Don’t Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World

How many times have you heard someone say something like, “the world’s population is growing and we need to dramatically increase our food production”? And then, heard someone talking about how more pesticides, fertilizer and genetic engineering is going to help us do it. While the intentions of these people may seem good, these proposed …

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Dec 17

#911: Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Emergency Situations

As I sat down to eat breakfast on Friday morning, I opened up my laptop and refreshed my Facebook page. Time to see the latest status updates and pictures from the night before. Just your typical morning run-through before heading out for the day… at least that’s what I originally thought. That’s before I saw …

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Sep 27

The Potential for Awesomeness – 2012 Social Good Summit

The annual Social Good Summit kicked off Saturday September 22 with another amazing line-up of speakers from around the globe. This year the event truly created a global conversation with the event and livestream translated into 7 languages. As the head of an organization that views technology and innovation as a way to move the …

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Mar 19

Technology in the Classroom

My senior year of high school, my AP Calculus classroom was given a grant from the state of Pennsylvania for “technology”.  This meant we had a SMART board and twenty laptops (even though there was only nine people in the class).  I will admit it was pretty fun to pick out the colors from the …

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Feb 23

Heart Attacking

Last semester I took my first computer science class. We covered everything from open source software to government censorship. However, what I found to be the most interesting topic was computer hacking. Our class discussed the numerous reasons behind computer hacking, but one reason in particular stood out from all the rest… using computer hacking …

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Jan 27

Natural Gas, Not Renewable Resources… At Least Not Yet

Renewable energy, the wave of the future, right? Yes and no. What if I told you that I think we should curb production of renewable resource technology such as wind turbines and solar panels? Most people would think I’m crazy even environmentally irresponsible. However, I have an alternative to the immediate deployment of our current …

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Dec 22

Google Fights to Stop Global Slavery

In time for the holiday season, Google, the global internet giant, announced that they would donate millions to anti-human trafficking groups working to eradicate slavery around the world. “Our areas of focus change from year to year,” Google org spokeswoman Kate Hurowitz said in an interview about the grants. “We look for proven impact and …

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Nov 15

Granjas verticales

Read this post in English ¿La nueva revolución verde sucederá en las ciudades? Existen dos principales razones para explicar el creciente interés en la agricultura urbana. Una de ellas es la creciente preocupación que muchos individuos sienten sobre los impactos en la salud y en el medio ambiente de la agricultura industrial. La agricultura urbana …

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Nov 11

Vertical farms

Is the next “green revolution” going to happen in cities? There are two main reasons that explain the increased interest in urban agriculture in the recent years. One of them is the increasing concerns about health and environmental impacts of large-scale industrial agriculture. On the other hand, urban agriculture is growing because it is becoming …

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