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Mar 17

Armed with technology, would you help homeless youth?

Our video explores graphic facts of homelessness and the options for concerned citizens to explore.  NPR reports that the number of homeless in the US declined in 2013, however these statistics are often difficult to track from the transient and elusive nature of the populations under study.  Their report indicates that in 2013, around 610,000 …

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Jun 21

Intimate Partner Violence and Women’s Health

  I’ve been thinking about writing a post on domestic violence for a while now. And I decided that this week I would finally sit down and do it. I’m not sure why it took me so long, maybe it’s just one of those things where I have so much to say that I never …

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Jun 07

Rape in India – A True Culture Problem

On Monday night, June 3, 2013, an American tourist was raped by three men in Manali, India. Yet another incident in a long string of recent rapes shown in the news and media. The woman was returning from a nearby village to her resort hotel when a truck driver offered her a ride. He and …

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Aug 15

What can be Done about Acid Violence in Colombia?

Acid attacks on women, and occasionally men, are unfair and horrific acts that commonly occur in Southeast Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, among others. Surprisingly reports of this type of violence have started to spring up in the Western Hemisphere in the South American country of Colombia. Any case of an acid attack …

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Feb 16

U.S. Domestic Violence Laws in America: How They Fail Women?

Domestic violence is a painful issue that women have faced for centuries in the United States and abroad.  As time goes by and our legal system becomes more progressive addressing complex issues such as cyber terrorism and modern day piracy I am amazed how domestic violence laws haven’t made much progress.  In fact it may …

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Feb 08

Violence against Women: A Global Epidemic

CNN reported last week that in Afghanistan police are looking for a man accused of killing his wife after she gave birth to his third child. The reason he killed her was because she had already given him two daughters and this third child was also a girl. Sher Mohammed blamed his wife for not …

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