NotEnoughGood.com is a challenge for charitable work and funding/initiatives that are designed to address social issues, to meet a higher standard of impact.  This includes requiring more than a band-aid, “do-gooder” approach and empowering individuals to assist in making real change happen. We want to bring together people who give, people who plan, people who fund, people who care and people working in the trenches, to address and understand issues impacting communities around the globe.

NotEnoughGood.com is a product of the SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation’s Institute for Social Change. 

Letter from our Editor

In most cases, its not enough to want to just do good. You need to know that you are actually ACHIEVING good outcomes and making a difference!

~ Thenera Bailey
President, The SISGI Group and Editor, NotEnoughGood.com

I have worked for over a decade with large non-profits, corporate volunteers, small programs, global social initiatives, international agencies and social entrepreneurs and have seen phenomenal people doing amazing work to change the world. While traveling the world as a tourist and researcher, I have experienced the many ways that individuals change their communities, celebrate their culture, and bring up their children to be global citizens, regardless of their circumstances. There are a multitude of positive changes occurring around the globe every minute of every day.

I wish that only great things occurred when people with great ideas attempt to make a difference by addressing the issues negatively impacting our world. Unfortunately, I have also seen good ideas fail to reach impact because they were poorly planned, insufficiently funded, and managed ineffectively. Even worst is when people with good hearts do more damage than good, mostly because they didn’t take into consideration the full picture before jumping in to a serious social problem.

Charitable work and social entrepreneurship are on the rise. Every day another celebrity starts a foundation, a college student decides to volunteer, a community rebuilds with the help of neighbors and a child learns that they too can make a difference. We can all learn from each other as we work to bring about sustainable change. I hope that we can use best practices and strategic initiatives to change the world together!


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Editor – Thenera Bailey

Thenera Bailey is the President/CEO of the SISGI Group. In this capacity she serves as the Interim Director of the SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation, the organization’s nonprofit charitable division, and as the Editor of the social research blog, NotEnoughGood.com. Thenera has an accomplished career as a consultant, trainer and technical assistance provider to programs, organizations, …