BGI Magazine

A quarterly online magazine from the SISGI Group with stories, strategies and individuals focused on lasting social change.


Goal – To inform and build awareness around current events and social issues. To share SISGI Group news, trainings and events. To highlight best practices and leaders working on lasting social change.


Our online publication hosted on the SISGI Group website and blog, is also available via email subscription. One of the organization’s key goals is to leverage technology and social media as one of our many sustainable solutions. Beyond Good Ideas Magazine offers a variety of voices and views on social issues around the world, and endeavors to promote the foundation’s main purpose of world-wide, lasting social change through this far-reaching and interactive online platform that is easy to share!

Current Issue

Main Sections

  • Strategies for Social Change
  • Social Change Around the Globe
  • Voices and Views – Leaders, Changemakers, and Entrepreneurs
  • Social Issues – Topics that fall within the 6 SISGI Focus Areas
  • The SISGI Group

This quarterly publication is available exclusively online through the SISGI Group website, and via an email subscription.

Publication Dates 2013 -2014

Spring Issue – April 8, 2013

Summer Issue – July 8, 2013

Fall Issue – October 7, 2013

Winter Issue – January 6, 2014

If you or anyone you know may be interested in participating in this publication, we cater to a variety of academic backgrounds by featuring articles that are short and easy to read, ranging from 1000-2500 words. The tone of articles range from academic to conversational, creative and personal. Submit your story ideas here. Help us spread the word and stay informed about all magazine news on twitter by following @BeyondGoodIdeas

The Magazine is only available online but you can have it sent directly to your inbox each quarter by subscribing.

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