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Mar 17

Armed with technology, would you help homeless youth?

Our video explores graphic facts of homelessness and the options for concerned citizens to explore.  NPR reports that the number of homeless in the US declined in 2013, however these statistics are often difficult to track from the transient and elusive nature of the populations under study.  Their report indicates that in 2013, around 610,000 …

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Apr 25

Should Wearing Anti-homophobic Shirts be Banned in Schools?

Earlier this month a high school student from Ohio was banned from wearing a t-shirt that was meant to be supportive of National Day of Silence, an event created to draw attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. Maverick Couch is one of the only openly gay students  at his …

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Apr 11

A Change in Jenna Talackova’s Miss Universe Disqualification

Last month, Jenna Talackova was banned from competing in the Miss Universe competition due to the fact that she is transgender. After finding out about her past, officials promptly took Jenna out of the running, causing uproars along the way. Social media websites devoured the story, news sources kept people constantly updated, and gay rights …

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Mar 28

Was Jenna Talackova a Victim of Discrimination?

If you’ve watched the news, listened to the radio, or opened up any homepage on the internet lately, you have probably heard or read about Canadian contestant, Jenna Talackova, being disqualified from the Miss Universe pageant. Jenna is a 23 year old transgender who has stated that she knew she was a female by the …

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Mar 26

Improving LGBT Rights with the Corporate Equality Index

Since 2002 the Human Rights Campaign has been creating and releasing a public Corporate Equality Index each year. This is a list of businesses and corporations that indicates their level of LGBT support and equality in terms of employment. Businesses are chosen from the Fortune Magazine’s 1000 largest publicly traded businesses and the American Lawyer …

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