May 21

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Make sure to get your wrists, the back of your hands, between your fingers and under your fingernails too. May be the single most important step to preventing food poisoning, advises Marisa Moore, RDN. In fact,toms for sale, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls hand washing a vaccine because it has such a big impact on your health.

Those who use a razor, should use a single blade or special wire wrapped blade to avoid shaving too closely, with a new blade each shave.[6] Shaving in the direction of hair growth every other day, rather than daily, may improve pseudofolliculitis barbae. If one must use a blade, softening the beard first with a hot, wet washcloth for five minutes or shave while showering in hot water can be helpful. Some use shaving powders (a kind of chemical depilatory) to avoid the irritation of using a blade.

You’ll have to act fast if you want this quick pickup,toms wedding shoes. The HSV GTS Maloo is poised to be the fastest ever pickup style vehicle. The “ute” that it’s based on is built by GM’s Australian division and souped up by its partner Holden Special Vehicles.

Parque Luis VelasquezParque Luis Velasquez was built during the Revolution on a section of Old Managua that had been obliterated by the 1972 earthquake. Neglected throughout most of the 1990s and the first decade of the new millennium, much of Luis Vel Park is being renovated, as of time of publication. The new park is planned as a top spot in Managua for sports and recreation, and it will include ultra modern basketball courts, playing fields, locker rooms and even a cafeteria.

Simmer 10 minutes,cheap toms, until thickened. Season to taste. Spoon sauce all over meatloaf. This particular chicken was two boneless, skinless breasts I thawed and sliced into more manageable sizes. They then marinated in buttermilk, hot sauce, and black pepper. Use enough buttermilk to coat the chicken, and hot sauce and pepper to taste.

The food on the table reflected the chef’s roots. Dirk is from the northern part of Belgium. The hearty, robust Viking influence was unmistakable.
“There were a lot of problems with Connect,ladies toms shoes,toms shoes sale uk, but there were some things that could have gone right,” said one Sony employee familiar with the project’s history, who like most of the insiders interviewed for this story, asked to remain anonymous. “The software was on a trajectory to be OK. But that got wiped out.”

Take her makeup look at the 2010 Grammy Awards, for instance. Cyrus steamed up her eyes with smokey browns, blacks, and silvers, and then swiped on a seashell pink lip gloss. That because smokey eyes can be varied from very nude and neutral for school or work to highly dramatic with neon purples and blacks for a night out with your gal pals.

May 15

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Soup is a classic sickness standby. As well as the ready “home made” pouch varieties now available, I rediscovered some tasty tinned soups. These are hearty and comparatively economical.When I was sick I went right off toast and bread crusts for some reason, but a plain white bread sandwich, buttered with the crusts trimmed off, hit the spot.If you are making soup, keep it to a single main ingredient, such as pumpkin.

In this Food video tutorial you will learn how to poach an egg with Chef Meg. Heat water in a pan to 185 degrees. When tiny bubbles appear at the bottom of the pan,toms shoes, the temperature is right.
The bright colors and reflective sheen in this makeup look are really eye catching. The cosmetic products used to create this look are ArtDeco eyeshadow base, MAC Sharkskin shadestick, Ben Nye Grande Lumier palette, Rimmel white kohl, Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara, MAC Solar White, NYX White, Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner, MAC Corps de Ballet lipglass, Nars Desire Blush,toms outlet store, and online slots MAC Shimpagne MSF. Watch this video makeup application tutorial and learn how to do a reflective violet eye Ben Nye makeup look.

The bullet was created using a style. This button is simple to create and will make a nice menu for a website. Go ahead and load your Adobe Illustrator CS3 program.
3) In the time it took you to read this post you will have learned something,toms womens shoes. Also in the same time it takes you to order and pay for your $5 Taco Bell Meal you could have made yourself a kale and bean dish that would have been more cost effective and nutritional for you. Remember its all about baby steps so maybe next time reach for the organic apple instead of the conventional one and little by little your fast food lifestyle will change.

Just buy and hold and let greed and the eventually sane investor take the price to where it is ultimately headed. Thank god for markets. Eventually they work. It can serve also as a walking stick , not just a ordinary battle spear. Make a raw sharpening of the stick. Then split the log at the tip for a length of 6 8 inches.

Recently I heard rumors of a waffle burger here, specifically a burger patty on a waffle with syrup. Turned out, that was just a special. Not to worry,toms shoes, Hubcap has any number of nifty full time options, like the sticky burger with bacon,toms shoes outlet uk, cheese and peanut butter.

A single Powerwall isn”t big enough to power your whole home. If you”re willing to pay for it, the batteries can be stacked next to each other to increase capacity, but there”s still the cost of a solar system to generate the power. At the moment it”s still cheaper to stay on the grid.

May 12

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Next line up the bottom of the pattern with a finished area of the material. For example,sale toms shoes, when using a sweater sleeve for material you would line the bottom of the pattern up where your hand would go in at the cuff of the sweater sleeve. Pin the pattern in place to the area that you”ve chosen and make sure that the sweater material is laying flat and straight.

: Spaghetti and meatballs A couple months ago I was craving spaghetti and meatballs. I searched and searched but every recipe I found looked a little sketchy. Once it”s nice and hot, add in enough olive oil to coat the bottom.
How Olive Oil Is MadeTurning delicate olives into delicious oil is a demanding process. Something as innocuous as letting the olives drop off the tree or piling them too high in a container can adversely affect the olives and the taste of the oil. And once the olives make it to the press,cheap toms uk, there are different ways of squeezing out the oil.

The extent of fragmentation in the industry can be gauged by the fact that the largest player Reliance Retail with a turnover in the region of Rs.18,000 crore or $3 billion, accounts for a meagre share of the industry, which is estimated at $540 billion. This is likely to grow to $1 trillion by 2020, a report by Boston Consulting Group said. There are a few majors such as Reliance, Future Bharti and Aditya Birla Group.

Pizza online slots Hut will focus on dozens of new flavor options as it mounts the 56 year old brand”s biggest ever redo. It will add 11 new pizza recipes, 10 new crust flavors, six new sauces, five new toppings,toms shoes mens, four new flavor pack drizzles, a new logo,cheap toms online, new uniforms and, yes, even a new pizza box. Locations beginning Nov.

A little too spicey. Very Calienti(hot). Finding a place that makes both good is a miracle.
. Mike Green fed a pass across the offensive zone to the left circle where rookie Tom Wilson immediately directed the puck toward Beagle, who was cutting in front of the net from behind the goal line. Beagle caught the pass with his skate,ladies toms sale, yet still managed to get off a backhander into what was an open cage with Price on the other side of the crease for a 3 0 lead with 6:21 gone in the second.”From top to bottom everyone had a great game. We came out and played the style of hockey that we wanted to play,” Beagle said.

There are entire websites devoted to hacks modifications to the Swedish furniture giant popular, ready made designs. But if you don have the time or skills, there still a way to keep your kitchen or bathroom from looking like it came straight off a shelf next to the frozen meatball case. A host of new companies have sprung up to create custom additions to your Ikea cabinets, and their products are as easy to buy and install as the company own Hrlig and Gnosj doors and drawers.

Feb 05

Why Redistribution is a Quality Investment

Income inequality. It’s a dirty term, but someone has to use it. Unless you’ve been actively hiding from any conversation, headline, or news report involving wealth and income inequality, you probably already know that the income gap between the mega-rich and the “regular folk” has grown exponentially since the 1970s.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tell you something you don’t know? Well, how about inequality’s ties to the U.S.’s slow economic growth since its attempt to bounce back from the Great Recession?  According to economists, our country is in a “permaslump”, which basically means the economy is moving about as fast as a sloth.

We know our economy is largely based on capitalism. Spending money is a big part of most of our lives (think Black jump start imageFriday, Back to School season, and even Valentine’s Day), but the biggest spenders are typically not the biggest money makers.  And here is where income inequality comes in to play.

“House of Debt”  bloggers, authors and economists Atif Mian and Amir Sufi have shown that low income households spend money, on average, more than high income households who tend to save their money. This was a big problem during the Great Recession because low income households were spending less due to unemployment, uncertain job security, and housing instability. Meanwhile, the higher income households continued to save. Even in a healthy economy, the savers still save.

With the majority of the country’s capital concentrated amongst so few households, our nation’s money is essentially being held hostage. When so much of it is tucked away, there is little spending money left to go around, and it prevents the needed reinvestment of capital into businesses and banks that is necessary to truly jumpstart the economy.

Luckily, we are not without solutions in addressing this. Unfortunately, many of them are considered to be the words Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 29

What’s in a Twirl?

What’s in a twirl? That which by any other twirl would be so sweet…. Okay so I am taking poetic license with a classic work by William Shakespeare. Yet we should as a society be asking the question “why ask a professional female athlete to twirl and show off her outfit?” ( )

We should also question whether we should just blow it off by calling it “entertainment news” or harmless?  Just for the record, I am a 40 to almost 50 something female who grew up in the US.  I grew up loving sports, playing sports, and not fully understanding why girls had limited options for types of sports to participant in as well as progression into higher levels of sporting competitions. I was by no means an outstanding female athlete; but to participate in sports is not about how good you are, it’s about what you learn about yourself, competition, strategies, and even what you can learn about others.

Title IX policy and advocacy came about when I was in elementary school. At the age of 6, I loved football.  After all, Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 13

Would YOU be able to survive on $15,000/year?

The U.S. federal minimum wage was first established during the Depression, and since 1933 has risen from 25 cents to $7.25 per hour.  As it stands now, three years will have passed since the last increase in the federal minimum wage, which is currently just over $15,000 a year for a full time worker.  Can you imagine living on that amount?  TheMinimum_Wage_3 worst part is that the “poverty line” is so low as to be practically meaningless. I’d be interested to hear from any single parents out there who manage to make ends meet at even double the “poverty line”.  The Fair Minimum Wage Act, supported by President Obama, would raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to possibly $9.00 an hour or even $10.10 an hour.  That is around $19,000/yr.  This is still not enough money to survive, but it is a start.  Beginning on December 31, 2013, New York increased their minimum wage to $8.00 per hour from $7.25 per hour and will subsequently change it to $9.00 per hour by the end of 2015.  As a proud native New Yorker, I am saddened by this pathetic wage increase because the cost of living in New York is high and so does anyone really believe that anyone can exist on this beggarly wage?

Last year the majority of the House (Including the entire Republican delegation) voted against a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 by this year. even though this is a policy that is supported by 80% of Americans.  Way to support your constituents.  Clap.  Clap.

Lamentably, so many of us have been taught, and politicians make us believe, that to have a job is to prosper, which Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 12

Mandatory Autism Awareness and Response Training for Law Enforcement

I am one of millions of people whose life has been touched by somebody with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  I work with individuals who have autism, both children and adults, mostly in their homes and out in the community.  On a regular basis when I am with my clients, we are stared at, and occasionally have been confronted in regards to certain behaviors, such as making loud noises, jumping up and down, pacing back and forth in line and accidentally nudging into others, etc.   Most of the time, however, I receive a warm smile or knowing glances from others in the autism_awareness_puzzlepiece heartcommunity–which is truly a testament to how far the autism awareness movement has come to date.  The outside world can quickly become over-stimulating for a person with ASD, which at times leads to a public meltdown.  Occasionally, these meltdowns involve physical aggression of some sort (from slapping or pinching to hitting, etc.).  When this happens, I become immediately anxious- not anxious out of concern for myself, as I have been trained for safety in incidents like these.  I become concerned as to how this looks to the people around.  I worry that people will begin to crowd around us (fairly common), which inevitably enhances the severity of the meltdown.  I worry, like so many others who care for individuals with autism, that a concerned citizen will think there is a danger being posed, call law enforcement, and that police will arrive and perhaps not recognize the signs of autism and respond in such a way that, unknowingly and unintentionally, escalates the situation further.  I understand that law enforcement follows a specific protocol for responses, but I worry that if these responses are used on a person with ASD, they could fight back, flee, or be seriously injured in the case of a restraint situation.

Of course, all individuals with autism have unique “triggers”, just as every person does.  Consequently,  is important to remember that generalizations of the signs of autism will always have exceptions.  All individuals are at different places on the spectrum and exhibit unique behaviors.  In general, however, people who are on the autism spectrum may not make eye contact with others or respond to verbal communication (many individuals on the spectrum are nonverbal), including demands from law enforcement or other authorities.  They may also have sensitivities to light, touch, sounds, and so on.  People with autism may flee if confronted, for a variety of reasons.  These and other Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 10

How Women Help Move an Economy?

Coco Chanel once said in The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman –“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

Many women today have taken that advice quite seriously. In today’s times the world is witness to an extremely upgraded version of the feminine brigade that is ready to take it to the next level.  Women have stepped into different professions and have made a mark for themselves. So much has their contribution affected the professions that they land in, that they are even being considered one of the driving forces for the corresponding economic revenue.

Catalyst, a leading research and advisory organization working to advance women in business, found in an analysis of Fortune 500 companies that those with a greater representation of women in management positions delivered a better total return to the shareholders than those with a lower representation. Research also shows that, not only in the professional or industrial background, but also on the household level, women have proved to be the money channelizing force that brings in profits on a family as well as a societal scale. However, what really makes a woman more productive for any kind of economy than men? What are the qualities that make women a better (hiring, management, leadership, etc.) alternative in a money oriented environment than their male peers?

First, the basic quality that sets a woman apart from her male counterpart is the way she approaches a situation before her. Men, on the one hand, often arrive to conclusions by making comparisons with the most obvious and latest similar experience they have had. Women judge situations on the basis of experiences over long women econ pic 1time spans as well as using these experiences on a 3 dimensional level where they can form a web-like data and inter-relate it to arrive to a conclusion.  Women accomplish all of this in the same time frame as men.  Basically, women come to a more realistic and reliable decision based on instincts and prior knowledge.

Brigham Young once said, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”  Knowledge and education play an important role in this and it has held true. Research estimates that in the BRICS and N11 countries’ investments in female education could yield a ‘growth premium’ that could bring about a GDP growth trend of approximately 0.2% per year. Statistics also suggest that most women in managing positions have show a high regard for their mentors whom they idolize and in many Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 08

Housing First Model for Homelessness?

Is it time to start thinking differently about homelessness?  There’s a broad spectrum of approaches and opinions surrounding homelessness in the US and its assumed you are somewhere on that continuum.  The Veteran’s Administration and Barack Obama have declared to end veteran homelessness by 2015, although results and progress remain to be seen.  What if I told you, there is a state in the Union that is on target to eliminate homelessness by 2015?  Is this a worthy goal and what are we really talking about here?

Since 2005, Utah has quietly begun to diminish homelessness and is on track to eliminate it by 2015.  In the 8 years since it’s inception, Utah has dropped homelessness by 78%.  What’s most interesting about it is that there blog.pic.3.24bwas no universe-shattering solution which defies the laws of economics, it was simple arithmetic.  Legislators discovered that the annual cost of ER and jail visits cost almost $17,000/year per person while providing the same with an apartment and a social worker cost merely $11,000.  Consequently, Utah began giving the homeless apartments and a case manager with no strings attached and the results are self-evident.

Typically, homelessness in America has been addressed through street outreach, food pantries, shelters, and religious activities. While this band-aid approach can alleviate some of the symptoms of homelessness, it rarely cuts to the root of the problems or provides a lasting solution.  The Housing-First, also known as Rapid Re-Housing can provide dualistic benefits that improve the wellbeing of the homeless as well as the wellbeing of the neighborhood.  By providing stable housing to the homeless, this program not only assists them by protects and improves the red-light Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 17

Armed with technology, would you help homeless youth?

Our video explores graphic facts of homelessness and the options for concerned citizens to explore.  NPR reports that the number of homeless in the US declined in 2013, however these statistics are often difficult to track from the transient and elusive nature of the populations under study.  Their report indicates that in 2013, around 610,000 people were homeless on the night under study.  Homeless numbers are many times inaccurate as youth and others who are homeless often avoid shelters, couch-surf, commit crimes, or visit ER’s and other “non-shelter” institutions to obtain housing.  It is generally understood that at least half of the homeless population in the US are under the age of 21, which would indicate on this night that at least 305,000 young people were without stable housing in the US: equivalent to roughly half of the state of Vermont.

So, do any solutions exist for the homeless youth populations?  With the prevalence of smartphone use in America today, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs has launched a contest for app developers to assist in aiding homeless veterans.  Project REACH (Real-Time Electronic Access for Caregivers and the Homeless) requested app developers to put all the vital information for homeless individuals in one easily accessible and rapidly Read the rest of this entry »

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