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Dec 01

Virtual Internship – Real Experience

When I tell others that my internship is online, I usually know what is coming next.  It most likely will be laughter followed by comments such as “That must be so easy” or “I wish I could go to work in my pajamas”.  Remarks such as these are made by those who may not be …

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Mar 17

Armed with technology, would you help homeless youth?

Our video explores graphic facts of homelessness and the options for concerned citizens to explore.  NPR reports that the number of homeless in the US declined in 2013, however these statistics are often difficult to track from the transient and elusive nature of the populations under study.  Their report indicates that in 2013, around 610,000 …

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Apr 18

The Homelessness Series: Back on My Feet

Anne Mahlum is a runner. Always has been. And in the early mornings of spring 2007, you could often find her running the sidewalks of Philadelphia, before heading to work for the day. On her runs, she would pass apartment buildings, businesses, and even a homeless shelter, which was just a couple blocks away. She …

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Apr 26

Más Desacuerdos Sobre La Guerra Contra El Narcotráfico

Read this post in English Las noticias más recientes describen la relación entre Los Estados Unidos y América Latina como una centralizada alrededor de La Guerra Contra El Narcotráfico. En un blog anterior que escribí, describí los cárteles en México que se han convertido en una de las peores fuentes de violencia en América Latina. …

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Apr 24

More Disagreement on the War on Drugs

Most recent news will depict U.S.-Latin American relations as one dealing with the War on Drugs.  In an earlier post I wrote, I described the drug cartels in Mexico that have become one of the deadliest sources of violence in Latin America.  I also pointed out their global impact, which is largely attributed to the …

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Apr 06

El Agua: Ganancias vs Humanidad

Read this post in English Uno de los temas que me ha interesado cada vez más ha sido la inaccesibilidad del agua y la privatización del agua.  El último par de semanas, he estado siguiendo el Consejo Mundial del Agua y el Foro Mundial del Agua, los cuales se establecieron con el fin de abordar …

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Apr 04

Gobiernos Locales Esenciales en el Problema del Agua

El otro día que estaba sentada en mi clase de Economía Política, mi profesor dio una respuesta muy sencilla de por qué surgen diferencias de desarrollo económico entre países: LAS INSTITUCIONES. Por supuesto, esta respuesta no es una epifanía, sino que más bien es una realización de lo que algunos países realmente carecen. Quizás no …

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Jan 25

A Micro Solution to a Massive Problem?

In today’s world exercise has become a daily routine for millions of people. Just about every town has at least one gym where herds of people flock in hopes to drop a waist size or two. We’ve all seen them, rooms that house a sea of stationary bikes, with pounding music, rhythmic humming of the …

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Dec 16

China’s Progress Towards Green Technology

A few months ago, I wrote an article about China’s effort to make the city of Shenyang more environmentally friendly.  In recent days with the Durban Climate Change Conference having just finished in South Africa, environmental issues have garnered a little more focus in the last few weeks. While I am typically a quick skeptic …

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Dec 01

Accessorize for Good – World AIDS Day

Today is World Aid’s Day. We hope that you will use this day to support the local charities and organizations in your communities that are working to fight the spread of HIV and AIDS. We also hope that you will research and learn more about the impact of AIDS on global health, families and communities …

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