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Apr 07

Digital Communications and Social Good: Helpful Tips from Stefanie Weiss and Stefanie Cruz

This week I am writing about the lessons learned from Stefanie Weiss and Stefanie Cruz, two leaders at America’s Promise Alliance. Stefanie Weiss is the Vice President of Communications and Knowledge Management and Stefanie Cruz is the Senior Director of Digital Strategy. They both discussed their work in the field of communications and nonprofit work, …

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Jul 19

Taking a Lesson from the Junk Food Industry

Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola commercial? No, I mean really seen one. What are they selling? A refreshing beverage? Hardly. Coca-Cola sells happiness. Proof is provided by the closing image of the commercial below (“open happiness”). And this message is almost anywhere you look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts_4vOUDImE If you just watched the above commercial, you might …

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Feb 18

FACT: Abstinence-Only Education Does Not Give All The Facts

The CDC recently released new data indicating that the United States’ persistently high rates of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies are incurring billion of dollars in medical costs. This has been an ongoing issue that is hitting young adults the hardest. Health officials explain that, although these high costs are preventable, Americans are not …

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Feb 01

ADHD: Is Medication the ANSWER?

Taking a look back at my childhood days, I knew I was different than most kids at school.  I was not only shy, but I would get lost in my own world during class.  I would start daydreaming and tune out what the teacher was saying.  I didn’t mean to, but it would just happen. …

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Oct 24

Who is the “Real” Bully?

There is a huge discrepancy between the message of morality and Christianity that the American Family Association  professes and what they practice. Recently in the news Bryan Fischer, an AFA spokesperson, harshly criticized the Southern Poverty Law center (SPL) “mix it up” lunch day program. He stated that the “mix it up” lunch program is …

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Jul 25

10 Signs the Upcoming #APYDCON is Perfect for You!

The SISGI Group’s Alliance for Positive Youth Development is hosting the 2012 Best Practices for Youth Conference August 6-10, 2012. This great online professional development opportunity leverages technology and social media to share and connect with youth development professionals, educators and young people working on youth issues around the country. As a participant in this unique …

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Jun 21

DREAMers Goal in Sight? Maybe

Immigration issues have been in the news a lot over the past few months. With this being an election year and the hispanic vote supposedly “up for grabs”, politicians from both parties have been trying their best to appear favorable to the immigrant community without isolating any of their other traditional supporters. But up until …

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Jun 20

Stop and Frisk: A New York Controversy

Stop and Frisk. I’m sure you’ve heard about it but I doubt you’ve personally experienced it or really even thought about how it would feel. Imagine you’re walking in your neighborhood, hanging out in a park, just talking to your friends. All of a sudden a police officer walks up and informs you he needs …

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Apr 11

Peace Through Youth

When was the first time you really understood war?  Growing up I was in love with historical fiction novels.  From the earliest conflicts with Native Americans, to the Civil War, to World War II, I learned so much about past conflicts from the stories I read, the problem that arose from this type of learning, …

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Jan 24

Child Poverty in America

When the recession hit in 2008 I was living in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Port St. Lucie is a small city on the east coast side of Florida about midway in between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.  Florida was hit particularly hard by the recession and the unemployment rate jumped from 8% to 16% in some …

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