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Name: Regina Bernadin
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Regina Bernadin is a doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University focusing on Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She holds a B.A. in International Studies and Criminology from the University of Miami and an M.A in International Administration and Certificate in Non-profit Management from that same institution. She has experience working with victims of human trafficking, and has facilitated workshops and presentations for Department of State visitors highlighting the work of the U.S government in combating human trafficking, and the implementation of anti-trafficking legislation in other countries. Her interest in the development of human rights abroad has also taken her to several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Ecuador and Suriname. As a SISGI intern, her primary areas of interest were conflict resolution, human rights and Latin American political, economic and socio-cultural issues.

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  3. Getting to Know the Romani — 2 comments
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Mar 13

The Plight of Environmental Refugees

Last October, I wrote a blog entitled “Escaping Environmental Change” to shed some light on the plight of environmental refugees or climate migrants. This week, we are launching a video I created on the SISGI Group’s YouTube channel to further raise awareness on the cause and start a discussion on possible solutions. We invite you …

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Mar 09

Getting to Know the Romani

If I asked someone “who was a victim of slavery in the 1800s?” and “who suffered at the hands of the Nazi’s during the Holocaust?” the most likely answers would be African-Americans and members of the Jewish community, respectively. What most people do not know is that there is a group who lived through both …

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Mar 02

Happy Birthday, Dadaab!

The world’s largest refugee camp turns 20 years-old this week. The Dadaab in Kenya welcomes approximately 1,300 refugees a day and is currently a haven to almost half-a-million people escaping war-torn neighboring countries like Somalia. Originally designed with a capacity to hold 90,000, Dadaab, located about 60 miles from the Kenya-Somalia border was only meant …

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Feb 23

Prisoner Rights Need Reform Worldwide

On February 14, 2012, a fire broke out at the Comayagua prison about 55 miles north of Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa. Approximately 360 people were killed, mostly prisoners. It’s been recorded as the deadliest prison fire in a century. The U.S government, who has been on the scene investigating, has stated that it was accidental, and …

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Feb 17

Rape: A Weapon of Choice in War

Mathilde, a mother of six, lived a quiet life in her village in Rwanda. One day as she went to the field towards her crops, she saw two men approach her. She ran when she recognized that they were wearing the insignia of the FDLR, a militia group, on their clothing. As she fled, she …

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Feb 15

Deadly Voyage Home

The Hardanis family, made up of Mohammad, his wife and two young girls were among the approximately 250 people on board a people-smuggling boat headed to Australia. The vessel carrying the migrants sank during the journey. Only 47 people survived.  One of his daughters was rescued by a fishing boat that was in close proximity.  …

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Feb 09

Human Rights versus Civil Rights

During my time as a contributor, I have shared the plight of vulnerable populations throughout the globe. The realities faced by child brides, refugees and child soldiers have been exposed and discussed. This week, I presented the phenomenon of gender-based violence and shared links to fellow bloggers who have written similar stories covering topics …

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Feb 08

Violence against Women: A Global Epidemic

CNN reported last week that in Afghanistan police are looking for a man accused of killing his wife after she gave birth to his third child. The reason he killed her was because she had already given him two daughters and this third child was also a girl. Sher Mohammed blamed his wife for not …

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Jan 26

Aid Work: Among the World’s Most Dangerous Job

Last night, U.S. Special Forces conducted a rescue mission in Somalia. Their mission? Rescue American Jessica Buchanan and Danish citizen, Poul Thisted. The aid workers were employed by Denmark’s Refugee Council’s de-mining unit. Jessica a regional education adviser on landmine clearing and Poul, a community safety manager, were kidnapped on October 25th of last year. …

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Jan 25

Is Access to the Internet a Human Right?

Two-thousand eleven changed the status of the virtual world. It went from being a privilege of a few to being declared a human right. Traditionally, human rights were defined as those essentials that every individual in this globe should be able to access.  This list included clean water, food, clothing, housing and shelter and others …

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