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Name: Tracey Shipman
Date registered: 16 January, 2012


As a graduate of George Washington University, Tracey majored in Political Science with a Public Policy Focus and minors in Peace Studies and Economics. Tracey has years of experience working with local nonprofits in her D.C. community. She is most passionate about her work for youth in improving their educational opportunities and believes that in both a national and international context, education provides the best pathway to economic development and conflict resolution. Her time studying abroad and volunteering in South Africa allowed her to apply her past academic and professional experience in a new international framework and has furthered her interest in developing nations. Tracey is most proud of her curiosity to learn more about her world and her determination to make a difference. During her time with the SISGI Group, Tracey researched global education, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

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Apr 24

Tracking your One-for-Ones

This video continues my look at corporate social responsibility by analyzing more closely the one-for-one business model. In the form of a public service announcement , this video encourages consumers who buy one-for-one products to consider the social and economic ramifications of their actions.  The video discusses one-for-one products from their purchase to their donation …

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Apr 19

Focus on Fuel

Have you ever seen the show “What Would You Do?”.  It catches regular unsuspecting people stuck in scripted, uncomfortable social situations.  For example, the show staged a scene in the middle of a restaurant where the actors placed a bug in their sandwich when the waiter left the table and then demanded a free meal …

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Apr 17

A New Look at Corporate Social Responsibility: Webinar

The week of April 12th I  presented a webinar on Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the Institute for Social Change’s Research and Learning Series. The webinar followed the themes I presented in my post “What Kind of Change are Companies Really Trying to Make?”. Social responsibility and humanitarian activism have become new concepts explored in …

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Apr 16

Creating the Common Core

When we think about the core of America, what do we think?  Maybe the core of America is hard work, commitment to family, or values like freedom and liberty.  There are a lot of things in our American society that link us together to core American standards.  In recent years, the idea of a “core” …

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Apr 11

Peace Through Youth

When was the first time you really understood war?  Growing up I was in love with historical fiction novels.  From the earliest conflicts with Native Americans, to the Civil War, to World War II, I learned so much about past conflicts from the stories I read, the problem that arose from this type of learning, …

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Apr 09

Unsustainable Consumerism Part 4: Disposal

After three posts on the materials economy we’ve followed the story of our stuff through extraction, production, distribution, and consumption.  What’s left? Well, what do you think happens to our stuff after we’re done with it?  I mentioned in my last post that 99% of the stuff we purchase gets thrown away within 6 months.  Today …

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Apr 02

Unsustainable Consumerism Part 3: Distribution and Consumption

So far we’ve explored the incredible destruction of finite environmental resources as we extracted materials for our consumer products.  We’ve been shocked by the amount of conflict around our world that was literally caused from the fight over possession of these resources.  We’ve seen how millions of people globally suffer unhealthy, unfair working conditions to …

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Mar 28

Unsustainable Consumerism Part 2- Production

In my last post I introduced the concept of the materials economy.  We took a look at the ridiculous rate at which the American consumer is driving the destruction and exploitation of our planet’s natural resources and native cultures.  These themes will perfectly translate into this post’s discussion of the second step in the materials …

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Mar 27

Unsustainable Consumerism Part 1 – Extraction

It’s been about a year and a half since I bought a new pair of running shoes, three times the “recommended” usage time frame.  Now there is only slight wear and tear, but what makes me, as a consumer, feel that I am doing something wrong by not buying the latest style or most updated …

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Mar 22

Policy Balancing Act

Have you ever imagined being the President of the United States?  I haven’t really, it stresses me out just thinking about the competing responsibilities.  Maybe you’ve been a die-hard environmentalist, or a strong businesswoman, or an unfailing pacifist up until your inauguration, but no matter how true you are to your convictions there will be …

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