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Apr 18

The Homelessness Series: Back on My Feet

Anne Mahlum is a runner. Always has been. And in the early mornings of spring 2007, you could often find her running the sidewalks of Philadelphia, before heading to work for the day. On her runs, she would pass apartment buildings, businesses, and even a homeless shelter, which was just a couple blocks away. She …

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Oct 17

Celebs Gone Good Part Two

Celebrities can create great publicity about an issue because they have the power to persuade people to take action towards a social cause. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, celebrities that used an unique opportunity to promote their social good causes. Many celebrities are often happy to use their …

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Jun 21

Simply Divine: The Sweeter Side of the Chocolate Industry

  While chocolate might taste sweet, it’s history is anything but. There is a long history of exploitation and unethical practices surrounding the West African cocoa beans used by “Big Chocolate” corporations such as Hershey, Kraft (which recently bought Cadbury), Nestle, and Mars. There are news reports of unfair pricing. Poor working conditions. There are …

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Apr 17

A New Look at Corporate Social Responsibility: Webinar

The week of April 12th I  presented a webinar on Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the Institute for Social Change’s Research and Learning Series. The webinar followed the themes I presented in my post “What Kind of Change are Companies Really Trying to Make?”. Social responsibility and humanitarian activism have become new concepts explored in …

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Dec 16

Regalos navideños: MyMela

Read post in English Previamente, he escrito sobre las responsabilidades sociales y medioambientales de los consumidores. Es muy importante que el consumidos conozca sus productos y la historia de estos mismos. Como consumidores, nuestro impacto social y ambiental es mucho más grande de lo que entendemos o alcanzamos a ver. En época Navideña, dónde todo el mundo …

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Dec 06

Responsible Holiday Shopping: MyMela

MyMela’s model of Social entrepreneurship: combining fair trade and micro finance. I’ve previously written about the social and environmental responsibilities that we have as consumers. It is extremely important to know your products and their stories. As consumers, we have much more impact than what we understand. As we enter the holiday season- where everyone …

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Oct 11

Successes in Sustainability: Green Mountain Coffee

In my last post I discussed the Global Conference for Social Change that I attended last week here in New York. With one day focusing on women and girls, the second day was all about leaders of change. Guests ranged from business to business (B2B) organizations such as DSM, to the department store Marks and …

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Sep 23

Social Good Summit Recap Day 4 and Final Thoughts

What a week! This summit provided a great opportunity for networking with social change leaders, social media gurus and others interested in social issues. The connections made through social media and the opportunity to connect activities happening around New York at the United Nations and the Clinton Global Initiative provided a holistic view of global …

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Sep 21

Social Good Summit Recap – Day 2

So day two of the Social Good Summit, was another jam packed day of speakers and social media. Key Takeaway- Empowerment of women is more important than ever Geena Davis, actor and advocate, shared a startling statistic that the United States is responsible for 80% of all media, so we are in fact exporting many …

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Aug 25

Microfinance Must Return to its Roots

Microfinance has become something of a buzzword in recent years (depending on which circles you run in), and the industry’s increase in popularity has also lead to an increase in criticism.  You may remember my last post about microfinance, as well as the posts written by my colleagues, but for those of you who don’t, …

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