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Aug 23

How Technology Can Help Girls

“The birth and rise of new media is, however, changing the story for many girls in Africa who have been given an opportunity to compete with their male counterparts. “- MAUREEN AGENA, I’m sure it would come to no surprise to any of you if I told you that technology was one of the quickest …

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Aug 19

Responsible Tourism in Madagascar

I’m sure most of you have heard of the island of Madagascar, particularly since the release of the Madagascar animated films, and know that the country is home to numerous animal species that cannot be found anywhere else on earth.  10,000 of the islands 12,000 plant species, for example, are endemic, as are half of the …

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Jul 08

A Lost Legacy

As many of you know, Nelson Mandela, the Anti-Apartheid leader, Nobel Prize winner, Author, “Father of the Nation” (The New South Africa), former President and one of the 25 most influential people of our time, lies in hospital in a critical condition. Not much has been divulged of his condition and rightly so, as any patient, …

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Jun 24

“Failed” States?

Foreign Policy’s  annual Failed State Issue came out today, along with their 2013 Failed State Index, uses twelve social, economic, and political indicators to analyze nations and then ranks them accordingly, with 120 being the worst possible score a state can receive.  The states are then separated into five categories: critical, in danger, borderline, stable, and most stable. …

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Jun 11

Ending Child Brides

There are many things that are stopping girls from being able to get an education, from lack of infrastructure to natural disasters. However, there is one large, looming obstacle that is keeping many girls from schools; child brides. It is estimated that in the next decade 14.2 million girls will be married before their 18th …

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Mar 29

Rhino’s in the dark

  So far this year, 156 rhinos have been killed in Southern Africa alone. This means that 2 Rhino’s were killed each day of the year so far. These statistics are shocking. Rhino horns sell for around $60 000 per Kilogram or $30 000 per Pound. One full Rhino horn can weigh up to 13.30 …

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Mar 18

Slacktivism is not Activism

  Social media has become a fact for civil society. The ability to become involved with a social cause is literally at the tip of our fingers. Internet applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube facilitate the creation and exchange of user-created content on today’s social movements. Hype can be generated on social issues with …

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Feb 19

On the issue of homosexuality missionaries must be univolved

MIssionary Work in Uganda It is unacceptable for missionaries to use their resources to get polices passed into law in some African countries that they could never get passed in their own country. As is currently evident in the actions of American Evangelicals in Uganda and the kill-the-Gays bill. Missionary work” is often associated with the …

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Feb 15

Mozambique under water…Again!

In late January disaster struck Mozambique. The Limpopo River which arcs across 4 countries burst its banks. Around 140 000 people woke up to severe flooding, and in an instant they had lost everything. The death toll currently stands at 105, with 250 000 people directly affected. UNICEF Mozambique estimates that $30 million is still …

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Feb 06

Missionary Work?

When people hear the words donating to Africa, or missionary work in Africa, it is often associated with doing “good”. However, this is not the case in Uganda. Some extremist American Evangelicals are spending their “missionary time” and “donations” supporting the antigay sentiment sweeping Uganda . Their “missionary time” is spent asking Parliament to speed up …

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