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Dec 01

Virtual Internship – Real Experience

When I tell others that my internship is online, I usually know what is coming next.  It most likely will be laughter followed by comments such as “That must be so easy” or “I wish I could go to work in my pajamas”.  Remarks such as these are made by those who may not be …

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Jul 03

Looking Back on China (6): People’s Republic of Copying

I miss home so desperately, every time I cannot download songs or movies free of charge in America. Infringements on intellectual property rights in China are so common that even no one perceives them as illegal. Of course, as a law student, I know what the law is. But I still enjoyed our “privilege” carelessly, …

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Feb 28

Five Thousand Dollar Bullets!

In the wake of the  Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the country’s focus is on  stricter gun control. This week Congress is expected to debate the broadest  the broadest gun control legislation in a generation. However, I think ammunition control should be at the forefront of this debate. It is essential to focus on the gun control, but …

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Jan 24

Why Materialism Doesn’t Work

“The old fable continues to echo down the centuries. The waiting rooms of psychiatrists are filled with rich and successful patients who, in their forties or fifties, suddenly wake up to the fact that a plush suburban home, expensive cars, and even an Ivy League education are not enough to bring peace of mind. Yet …

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Jan 10

A Culture of Consumption: Living in a Material World

I’ll let you in on a secret. You know that shirt you received on Christmas? The one that you were thrilled to wear the first time around? Slightly amused by the second time? And all too soon, you realized the novelty was gone? In a couple of months, the same shirt will inevitably end up …

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Jul 02

HIV Test Now At A Pharmacy Near You

Remember the last time you went to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription? You probably have seen signs in your local pharmacy offering flu shots or blood pressure tests. Now the next time you go into your local pharmacy, you may see signs advertising a new health service: free rapid HIV testing. The Center …

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Apr 27

Del Macro al Micro: Conferencia en Harvard

Read post in English El sábado pasado fui a Harvard para la Conferencia de Desarrollo Internacional (CID), como representante del Grupo SISGI. Los estudiantes de universidades de diversos países y muchas partes del mundo (América Latina, Asia) estaban ansiosos de tener la oportunidad de aprender de la experiencia de profesionales y académicos. Fue una conferencia …

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Mar 29

Local Governments Essential In Water Problem

As I sat in my Political Economics class the other day, my professor gave a very simple answer to differences in economic development between countries: INSTITUTIONS.  Of course, this answer is not an epiphany by any means, but rather it is a realization of what some countries really do lack.  We may not think about …

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Feb 27

Changing Tradition with Same-Sex Couples

Do you remember the first time you learned what the “American Dream” was? For me, it was in junior high, when I was taught why the colonists had come to America years ago.  I was also told that the American Dream connects to the Declaration of Independence, when Jefferson said that everyone was entitled to …

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Feb 27

Sharing Wind?

Something I could never understand were the cries of neighborhood residents who honestly complained about the look of the new solar panels on their lampposts.  To me, the micro solar energy catchers are an exciting, smart new way to bring energy needs to local communities.  So I have never quite understood how people could find …

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