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Initiatives developed by local individuals to address issues they are personally impacted by or that exist in their own community.

Oct 06

I Am a Young Breast Cancer Survivor and This Is What I Want You to Know

I was 28 when I heard the words that changed my world forever. “You have breast cancer.” At the time I was working full time, finishing my graduate degree, and living a healthy life. My diagnosis completely knocked my life into a new reality that was dark and frightening. I did not look or feel sick, …

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Jul 31

The Everyday Fears of an Ordinary Woman

I don’t want to live like this. I don’t want to live in fear. I don’t want to live in fear of every person who comes to the door. The plumber, the electrician, the cable guy. The mailman, the FedEx driver who comes to drop off a package on the front steps. The new neighbor …

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Jul 05

Transgender Transitions

A loved and respected Methodist minister in North Carolina, a father of two boys, married to his second wife for over thirty years:  This describes the person a small community in North Carolina knew – or thought they knew – when Duane Flynn made a life-saving decision to cease hiding his true self.  Duane, now …

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Jun 14

Myth vs. Reality: Does Africa Really Need Saving?

Cupcakes. Skinny jeans. Reality shows. All are trends that have exploded in popularity within the United States in the last decade. Another recent trend? “Saving Africa”. Earlier in the week, I wrote about the common myths and misconceptions having to do with the continent of Africa, many of which stem from the mainstream American media. …

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Jun 05

Nine-Year-Old Blogger Changes School Lunch System

English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton once stated, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. An act as simple as writing has the power to influence people, sway opinions, and forever change the course of history. This centuries-old adage has shown itself to be true time and time again. Sometimes it is referring to something as powerful …

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Jun 05

Don’t Give Up Hope: Women’s Groups Do Make a Difference

When I started writing my blog last week about the battle surrounding women’s health in Texas I was struck by what a powerful group Don’t Mess with Texas Women had become in just one year. But I was still a little skeptical that they or other groups could impact the system enough to protect their …

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May 30

Defending Women’s Health in Texas

Think about Planned Parenthood. What are the first things that come to mind? Women’s health? Pro-choice activism? Legal cases? Abortion? All these words apply to the Planned Parenthood organization, but they don’t capture the entire scope of what it does. The organization has existed for more than 90 years but there are still lots of …

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Mar 22

Water Works

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about easy ways to make the most out of unavoidable fast food dining experiences. For this post I want to highlight another simple and effortless way to keep healthy. If you’re at all like me, then you love to stay active. There’s nothing I would rather do than …

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Feb 28

Who’s Business Is It? – A Closer Look at Tibet

So last week I sort-of sporadically decided that I’m going to Dharamsala, India in June (you can call it a graduation gift to myself).  To let everyone, know Dharamsala is in northern India by the Himalayas and south of Tibet.  Besides the community service I’ll be doing there, one of the most important reasons I …

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Feb 01

A Solution We Can See

We observe our environment through all of our senses. Right now, as I feel the keys on my keyboard fall under the pressure of my fingers, I also watch the screen as the letters appear in front of me. I can hear the faint noise of the cars passing outside, and taste the spearmint gum …

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