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Jul 01

Focusing on the bigger picture to further girls education

“They take it for granted that if you work for an NGO you are funded by the west, that you are trying to change local traditions and customs, you are doing something that is secular. They no longer expect to get any public support, so no effort is being made to win hearts and minds. …

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May 01

The Homelessness Series: Andre’s Story

Social justice, good. Charity, bad. At least that’s always been my philosophy. It’s simple. Straightforward. Easy to follow. Maybe that’s the problem. This personal philosophy first developed sometime around my sophomore year in college. After participating in several break trips, and spending a lot of time reflecting on systemic social problems and injustices, I grew …

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Mar 18

Slacktivism is not Activism

  Social media has become a fact for civil society. The ability to become involved with a social cause is literally at the tip of our fingers. Internet applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube facilitate the creation and exchange of user-created content on today’s social movements. Hype can be generated on social issues with …

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Feb 06

Missionary Work?

When people hear the words donating to Africa, or missionary work in Africa, it is often associated with doing “good”. However, this is not the case in Uganda. Some extremist American Evangelicals are spending their “missionary time” and “donations” supporting the antigay sentiment sweeping Uganda . Their “missionary time” is spent asking Parliament to speed up …

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Dec 13

Brand Name Disaster Relief

The lives of Haitians are threadbare and there is little in the way of relief funds. How is this possible? When international donations totaling more than $10 billion were donated to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake . The disparity in the suffering of the Haitian people and the astronomical amount of money donated …

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Nov 30

SNAP and Hunger Relief

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); relieving hunger Not many countries or people around the world associate hunger with people within the United States. But in reality it is a silent epidemic. The face of “hunger” is commonly associated with the homeless or people experiencing severe hardship in third world countries, caused by various economic, …

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Oct 15

Half the Sky: Time to Discuss Women

I would like to start off this blog post with a simple statement: I love reading. I can read for hours if I had nothing else to do. Last summer, I was looking to find new books to read.  While looking online, I came across Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide …

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Sep 26

Celebs Gone Good

A few days ago, I was reading the Huffington Post before class, and I saw something so  innovative that I have never seen before. We all the have seen celebrity paparazzi pictures all over the internet or on the television. Usually there are pictures of celebrities dining out, shopping, walking or just doing their regular …

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Aug 17

Effective Peer Mentoring

At the end of 2010, it was reported that about seventeen million women around the world are living with HIV or AIDS. Since that was only two years ago, it is possible that number has increased even more. Awhile back, I wrote a post about implementing an integrated healthcare program that incorporates both family planning …

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Aug 13

APYDCON, Social Change and Youth

Last week, the SISGI group’s Alliance for Positive Youth Development hosted its 2012 Best Practices for Youth Conference from August 6th to August 10th, 2012. Many youth development professionals, educators, and young people attended this virtual conference to discuss issues that are important to youth today. All key issues such as girls and society, youth …

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