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Apr 07

Digital Communications and Social Good: Helpful Tips from Stefanie Weiss and Stefanie Cruz

This week I am writing about the lessons learned from Stefanie Weiss and Stefanie Cruz, two leaders at America’s Promise Alliance. Stefanie Weiss is the Vice President of Communications and Knowledge Management and Stefanie Cruz is the Senior Director of Digital Strategy. They both discussed their work in the field of communications and nonprofit work, …

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Mar 18

Slacktivism is not Activism

  Social media has become a fact for civil society. The ability to become involved with a social cause is literally at the tip of our fingers. Internet applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube facilitate the creation and exchange of user-created content on today’s social movements. Hype can be generated on social issues with …

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Feb 22

The Dark Side of Social Media

Let’s talk about social media. Do you have Facebook? Twitter? I’m going to guess almost definitely. But are you extremely plugged in? With Pinterest? Foursquare? Instagram? Maybe somewhat less likely but the odds are still pretty high. I’ll admit, I use all of the social media outlets (plus a few more). So needless to say …

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Dec 17

#911: Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Emergency Situations

As I sat down to eat breakfast on Friday morning, I opened up my laptop and refreshed my Facebook page. Time to see the latest status updates and pictures from the night before. Just your typical morning run-through before heading out for the day… at least that’s what I originally thought. That’s before I saw …

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Oct 08

How Pinterest is (Not) Killing Feminism

Maybe you’ve seen it. There’s a piece circulating online with the title “How Pinterest is Killing Feminism”. Avid pinner and fellow feminist myself, all it took was the title to get my attention. My first reaction was anger. Then, I was insulted. How dare they make such an accusation about my beloved pasttime? The article sat …

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Jul 06

Using Social Media to Track Infectious Diseases

Next time you are sick with the flu, make sure you tweet about it!  By tweeting, you may be helping health professionals around the world track potential outbreaks. Social Media is a huge part of people’s lives and has become a societal norm. People are constantly updating their facebook statuses, or tweeting about everything they …

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Jun 08

The Sahel Crisis: Social Media vs. News Media in a Refugee Crisis

Have you seen much news media coverage about the crisis in the Sahel? I haven’t. Not much at all, actually. The first I heard of the Sahel food and refugee crisis ravaging Africa’s Sahel region was in a tweet. There has actually been a lot of social media coverage on what’s happening thanks to an …

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Aug 15

Finding a New Use for Twitter in Egypt

Since Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt, some of the bloggers and activists who devoted their online time to organizing revolution have turned to a new use for social media: economic aid.  20 prominent Egyptian bloggers—the same ones who previously blogged about overthrowing Mubarak—have joined together to create a Twitter fundraising campaign, Tweetback.  The …

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Jul 12

Youth Issues Tweet Chats

The SISGI Group’s Youth Initiative, the Alliance for Positive Youth Development will be conducting tweet chats starting on July 18th at 4pm Eastern time.  The tweet chats will consist of specific questions regarding youth issues in today’s society.  After assessing the data from the Alliance for Positive Youth Development surveys, the tweet chats will act …

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May 23

Spotlight On charity: water

Charity: water is an nonprofit organization that brings clean water to developing areas by building wells and water sanitation projects. In just four years, charity: water hasraised over $20 million, which is clearly an enormous accomplishment. One of the most impressive things about the organization, and one of the major factors in its success thus far, is …

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