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Feb 05

Why Redistribution is a Quality Investment

Income inequality. It’s a dirty term, but someone has to use it. Unless you’ve been actively hiding from any conversation, headline, or news report involving wealth and income inequality, you probably already know that the income gap between the mega-rich and the “regular folk” has grown exponentially since the 1970s. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell you …

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Jun 13

Economy vs. Equality: What’s More Important in Visa Law?

You’ve decided you want to come to the United States. So now you’ve got to figure out what kind of visa you qualify for and how you go about getting it. There are 185 types of US visas, all of which have certain requirements and restrictions attached to qualifying for and then using them. The …

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May 16

Economic Argument on Prison Population: A Quick Fix?

Jails, prisons, and criminals used to be taboo topics associated with the worst of the worst of the population, but now with the sheer volume of people sent prison, mass incarceration is an issue that people can no longer ignore. It has finally become a topic of conversation nationwide and a problem that politicians and …

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Jan 20

Our Role in the Global Recession

Today I heard on the radio that despite our best efforts to stop a global recession Germany might be joining the ranks of countries like the United States who require financial assistance to move forward with a healthy economy. Unlike the US, this Western European nation faces the burden of supporting other countries in the …

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Oct 03

The Fight Over Wall Street

The precarious economical situation, combined with outside influences like the Arab Spring, has caused a unique demonstration to rise in the United States.  Occupy Wall Street, a leaderless movement that consists of people from all backgrounds, has been an ongoing series of demonstrations and rallies since September 17th.  According to the resistance’s website, they are …

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Aug 01

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Not Enough?

This post is the first I have written from a very personal perspective.  Of course, every post that I write is dear to me and written with my own beliefs in mind, but thus far I have not had direct experience with the topics I have brought to people’s attention.  However, as an undergraduate student, …

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May 31

Colombia’s forced eradication of illicit crops

Leer la versión en Español In an effort to decrease drug trafficking, many countries have resorted to a forced eradication of illicit crops.  There are two main methods in which crop eradication takes place: aerial spraying of toxic chemicals and forced manual eradication. It is assumed that the eradication of the crops will stop and …

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Mar 25

The Economic Atom Bomb

On the 11th of March, at precisely 2:46 p.m., a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan leaving destruction in its path. The loss of lives and property are constantly rising even today. But probably one of the biggest blows to Japan was the crumbling of its economy. Questions arose of whether the 3rd largest economy in the …

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