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Name: Areeba Hasan
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Areeba Hasan is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she received a BA in History with a focus on Soviet/U.S. relations during the Cold War, and the after effects its periphery wars had on the Middle East and East Asia. She previously interned with the SISGI Group’s Alliance for Positive Youth Development from Summer 2011 to Summer 2012. Areeba will now be a featured writer focusing on issues ranging from human rights cases, developments in Middle Eastern politics, and tracking down the current state of previously sensationalized human interest stories.

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Jun 04

The Extremist, Radical Box

I think a lot of people can call me the quintessential Jersey girl without the gym, tan, and laundry.  I have enough feistiness to account for the entire East Coast, and yet I am always meekly waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.  Though I am surrounded by some of the most understanding people in …

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May 07

The Politics of Pistachios

Sometimes, the strangest things can cause a rift, or continue to push apart, two countries.  It comes as no surprise that the United State and Iran are not ideologically on the same page.  The two nations have been at odds with one another over the development of nuclear energy, and over the years Iran has …

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Apr 02

Spotlight on North Korea

In the past few weeks, the Middle East and Europe have been the dominant geographic regions marking headlines across the media.  A majority of people have been tracking the economic situation in Cyprus, the continuing violence in Syria, and President Obama’s recent trip to Israel.  However, it is rather astonishing that the media spotlight has …

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Mar 05

Freedom Through Acting, Not Guns

In Palestine, there is a city by the name of Jenin located in the West Bank.  A majority of the city’s population is made up of Palestinian refugees displaced from their homes.  Thousands of young children, teenagers, and college age youth grow up within the walls of this refugee city, and the future they look …

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Feb 05

When the Past Dictates the Future

France’s desire to build a relationship with Algeria may always be thwarted by colonial past. History has a way of making its presence known, years after the events that helped shape it are forgotten by a majority of the world.  It is almost as though it wants to remind us that accepting the past is …

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Jan 15

Fueling Guatemala’s Hunger Crisis

Environmental awareness and protection campaigns have become a ubiquitous staple in the global media diet.  It seems that movements to search for alternative energy resources and investing in biofuels have become a mantra for a plethora of countries.  Protecting the planet is without a doubt an important matter to focus on, but what happens behind …

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Apr 16

Reservation for One

California community college introducing a two-tiered tuition system for a spot in class Higher education is perhaps one of the most controversial and hot button topics that come up on an almost perennial basis.  The current debate revolving around universities and colleges hones in on high tuition rates and budget cuts.  While students feel frustrated …

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Mar 19

Looking to the Future – Is Higher Education the right choice?

What type of higher education is best for you? I have written countless articles that revolve around the topic of college, and the significance of a college education.  As a college student myself, I am a firm believer that education is an important tool that will benefit young people in the future.  However, the worldwide …

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Mar 12

The Visible Issues with Invisible Children

Almost everyone these days has been talking about the viral video, “Kony 2012.”  The video is an attempt by the organization, Invisible Children, to bring awareness to Joseph Kony and his group LRA.  Kony, a Ugandan leader of the LRA, kidnaps young children, and turns them into child soldiers.  There is no denying the fact …

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Feb 20

Working on College 2.0

Not long ago I wrote a blog post on the changes that President Obama wants to bring to universities.  Many of his changes revolved around student loans, and helping young people get the best out of their higher education experiences.  The president has been calling for education changes in rapid succession, and recently asked Congress …

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