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Feb 05

Why Redistribution is a Quality Investment

Income inequality. It’s a dirty term, but someone has to use it. Unless you’ve been actively hiding from any conversation, headline, or news report involving wealth and income inequality, you probably already know that the income gap between the mega-rich and the “regular folk” has grown exponentially since the 1970s. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell you …

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May 16

Economic Argument on Prison Population: A Quick Fix?

Jails, prisons, and criminals used to be taboo topics associated with the worst of the worst of the population, but now with the sheer volume of people sent prison, mass incarceration is an issue that people can no longer ignore. It has finally become a topic of conversation nationwide and a problem that politicians and …

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Feb 08

Foreclosure Conversion: Housing for the Homeless

Ever since the recession of 2008, we have seen an incline in homeless Americans.  The contradiction to this trend is that we have more vacant houses than ever in the U.S. as homes slide into foreclosure and people can’t afford to maintain a mortgage with an outrageous interest rate.  When the housing bubble of 2008 …

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Jan 20

Our Role in the Global Recession

Today I heard on the radio that despite our best efforts to stop a global recession Germany might be joining the ranks of countries like the United States who require financial assistance to move forward with a healthy economy. Unlike the US, this Western European nation faces the burden of supporting other countries in the …

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