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Oct 10

Peer Helpers and College Suicide

Suicide is the second highest cause of death among college students and the third leading cause of death among young Americans ages 15- 24. Despite the increase in suicide prevention programs across college campuses in the United States, suicide continues to trend upward. A common complaint about college suicide prevention programs is insufficient and overworked …

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May 17

A Step in the Right Direction

Homelessness is a very evident, and very visible problem in the United States. It is not unusual to pass by a homeless man sitting on the side of the street on your way to work, or to see a whole crowd of sleeping men while running through the park. The hard truth is that after …

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Apr 16

Reservation for One

California community college introducing a two-tiered tuition system for a spot in class Higher education is perhaps one of the most controversial and hot button topics that come up on an almost perennial basis.  The current debate revolving around universities and colleges hones in on high tuition rates and budget cuts.  While students feel frustrated …

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Aug 01

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Not Enough?

This post is the first I have written from a very personal perspective.  Of course, every post that I write is dear to me and written with my own beliefs in mind, but thus far I have not had direct experience with the topics I have brought to people’s attention.  However, as an undergraduate student, …

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