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Nov 14

American Red Cross and Superstorm Sandy

These two weeks have been hectic for a lot of people on the east coast. Hurricane Sandy has been the biggest headline for the last few weeks. This storm even sidelined the Presidential election. You can may have seen news coverage showing the damage done to New Jersey’s famous shore or parts of New York …

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Apr 06

Fukushima y Deepwater Horizon: reacciones políticas

Read this post in English Abril 2010: Deepwater Horizon, fuga de petróleo en el golfo de México. Durante tres meses, el petróleo fluye sin cesar. Este fue el mayor derrame de petróleo en la historia del oro negro. La explosión mata a 11 hombres. El derrame causó daño ambiental en los hábitats marinos y en …

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Mar 30

Fukushima vs Deepwater Horizon: political reactions

April 2010: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. During three months, oil flows unabated. This is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of oil extraction. The explosion kills 11 men. The spill caused extensive environmental damage to marine and wildlife habitats, as well as economic damage to the fishing and tourism industries. March 2011: …

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Jan 20

Problems and Solutions: How the 2010 Earthquake Has Disproportionately Impacted Women

Two years ago when a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, nearly everyone there suffered for it.  In the two years of recovery efforts since then, women continue to suffer.  Although health issues such as cholera and poor housing conditions impact many of the half million people living in camps for internally displaced persons (IDP), women are …

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Jan 12

Two-Year Anniversary of Haitian Earthquake

When was the last time you thought about Haiti?  If you’re anything like me, it was probably a long time ago.  It’s been almost exactly two years since the devastating earthquake that brought Haiti to the forefront of the international consciousness, and a lot of things have happened since then.  Kim Jong-Il’s death, the Arab …

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Dec 20

Looking Forward to Next Year’s Foreign Aid Budget

On Friday of last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill approving the foreign aid budget for 2012. Anticipating that the Senate will pass the bill this week, the winners and losers of the proposed budget allocations becomes clear. Foreign aid has become a big target in this economic recession, with government more hesitant …

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Nov 08

Escapándose del cambio ambiental

Read this post in English Cada invierno, los habitantes de Florida ven un aumento de “snowbirds” en sus comunidades. Los “Snowbirds” son norteños que migran al Sur durante el verano. Su migración es debida a los duros inviernos del Norte y su búsqueda de calor en el estado con Rayos de Sol. A pesar de …

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Oct 04

The Continuing Dilemma With North Korea

Two years ago, I was backpacking though Asia, I found myself in Seoul, South Korea visiting friends and watching the World Cup finale. Against direct orders from my parents, I decided to take a tour up to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) along the North Korean border. Having known a substantial bit of history about the …

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Aug 09

Another Type of Refugee

As I was writing the blog series analyzing the current situation at Dadaab Refugee Camp, I started to think about the need for refugee camps and services in general. A refugee is a person who flees – or who has been displaced – from their home and seeks refuge elsewhere. Many refugees flee in fear …

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Aug 03

A Plan for Dadaab Refugee Camp, Part IV

Yesterday, Ryan wrote the third post in our series discussing the current situation in Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. He talked about the need for mental health care and social entrepreneurship services in Dadaab, as they crucial in enabling the refugees to eventually leave the camp and rebuild their lives. Both of these services, along …

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