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Jun 10

Singapore: Immigration Dilemma in a Small Country

Will a country where there are 18,943 people in per square mile open its door for more immigrants? The Singapore government says yes. The Lee Hsien Loong administration published its latest population white paper in January, in which the government projects to increase its population to 6 million in 2030. This ambitious blueprint will be …

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Jun 03

Looking Back on China (1): Hello China?

“Are you a spy?” My supervising attorney asked me this when I was volunteering in the Pima County Superior Court. I told him I came here to study law, the field of which has been regarded as the realm of the elites in this society. Obviously, he could not figure out why I, a foreigner …

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Mar 29

What Has Happened to Immigrant Rights?

I’ve written a lot about immigration as well as prison in my time with the SISGI Group. However, it never occurred to me to discuss the two issues together. Which was a huge oversight on my part. Because they often go hand in hand. Immigrants who are here without proper documentation or have visa issues …

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Jul 10

H-2B Visa: The Potential for Forced Labor

When we talk about immigration in this country we almost always focus on undocumented migrants rather than documented ones. Because for some reason, we have this idea that our immigration system has no real issues and we just need to solve the problem of undocumented workers to make it perfect. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the …

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Jun 21

DREAMers Goal in Sight? Maybe

Immigration issues have been in the news a lot over the past few months. With this being an election year and the hispanic vote supposedly “up for grabs”, politicians from both parties have been trying their best to appear favorable to the immigrant community without isolating any of their other traditional supporters. But up until …

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Jun 13

Economy vs. Equality: What’s More Important in Visa Law?

You’ve decided you want to come to the United States. So now you’ve got to figure out what kind of visa you qualify for and how you go about getting it. There are 185 types of US visas, all of which have certain requirements and restrictions attached to qualifying for and then using them. The …

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May 22

Problems with Alabama’s New Immigration Law

Immigration has been a hot button issue throughout the Southern United States for years now. With an undocumented population of approximately 11.5 million, state and federal governments have proposed a multitude of ideas on how best to manage the situation. The most extreme responses have come from Arizona and Alabama with the Support our Law …

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Feb 24

Mail Order Brides: Should This Be Legal In The U.S.?

Mail Order Bride services have been legal in the U.S. since the 18th Century where men would scour catalogues of women available abroad for marriage.  Today the same services are conducted via the internet where many American men are looking for a woman with “traditional values”, or a woman who will stay at home, take …

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Feb 09

Remittances, Poverty and Development

Immigration in the U.S. is a very hot topic that often gets simplified to one word: poverty.  It can very well be that poverty is one of the key issues that has increased immigration trends to the U.S.  However, it is often too easy to compile all the structural and political problems into one big …

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Jun 02

One Journey

Using Art for Social Change Many people live less than a half hour away from their extended family. But what if the distance that separated your family was not due to geographic miles but national boundaries? What if you could see the city where your family lived but were unable to visit because you had …

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