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Initiatives developed by local individuals to address issues they are personally impacted by or that exist in their own community.

Jan 16

Tackling Intergenerational Issues: Bolsa Familia

Have you ever seen the MTV show Skins?  Wait, it’s okay, I won’t subject you to the embarrassment of admitting to it; I’ll fill you in.  The show (a replica of a British hit) fictionally illustrates the lives of a group of American teenagers.  These teenagers participate in pretty much every morally questionable activity imaginable …

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Dec 22

End of Year Review: Arab Spring, Part Three

After reading parts one and two of this series on the Arab Spring, you hopefully have a better grasp on what some of the major moments of the movements were, how the revolutionaries in various countries drew inspiration from each other, and the difficulties of transitioning to a democracy.  So, for this post, I thought …

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Nov 23

Taking Back Our Rights

Evelyn Beatrice Hall, a writer who published a biography on philosopher Voltaire in 1906, concisely summarized Voltaire’s beliefs with the now widely recognized phrase “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The Founding Fathers of the United States also seemed to take Voltaire’s teachings …

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Nov 21

Starbucks to the Rescue

The other day I was waiting in line at my local Starbucks, and noticed the coffee shop was selling what appeared to be bracelets.  Upon further inspection, the bracelets claimed to be a part of a national job creation program.  Anyone who purchases a bracelet for $5 or more is showing his or her support …

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Nov 01

Creando paz con el arte

El Teatro de La Libertad Read this post in English  Anteriormente he escrito acerca de cómo el arte, y en particular la música, puede ayudar a resolver problemas sociales y económicos (leer artículo). Hace poco me enteré de otro gran ejemplo de cómo el arte puede ser útil para aliviar conflictos sociales. Asistí a una …

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Aug 12

The Power of Students in Chile

Chile, one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America, has been going through its own array of protests and demonstrations these past few months.  In the past, students did not take a great degree of interest in their country’s political decisions, but the tide appears to be changing. Though the student population of Chile has …

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Aug 02

A Plan for Dadaab Refugee Camp – Part III

Money allocated for mental health services and social entrepreneurship support in Dadaab could help refugees build a future outside the camp Last week, Rebecca posted the second entry of our series on the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. Much of her post focused on the monetary difficulties related to the camp. She explained how there …

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Aug 02

Heroic ‘Fin

Last Monday, after 3 months of labor disputes, the NFL lockout finally ended. Football nuts around the country (myself included) rejoiced. The threat of losing our favorite, most highly rated sport for an entire season was finally gone. We still have our best excuse to be unproductive on Sundays. Football is back, baby. I am …

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Jul 29

Women in War and Peace

“For it isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” –Eleanor Roosevelt It is more dangerous in most conflict-stricken areas to be a woman than to be a soldier.  Yet, women’s experiences during times of war are often ignored …

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Jul 19

South Sudan – True Independence

So long as South Sudan relies on massive exterior aid, it cannot achieve true, lasting independence Today’s post is going to be a little bit different than usual. I’ve spent a good portion of this past week preparing for my webinar, and every slide I create gets me more excited about hosting it. So I …

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