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Oct 05

Down Syndrome: A New Perspective

Eleven weeks ago I gave birth to my second daughter, Hope.  As we began to adjust to life as a family of four, it became clear to me that each of our girls is unique.  Not only are they unique from each other, they are unique from their father & me as well.  Harper, my …

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Mar 07

The NRA, Gun Owners, Advocates for Gun Control: Why Not Work Together?

There is no doubt that that the mass shooting  in Newtown, Conn., has heightened the political debate on gun control in the United States. The Obama-backed gun bills are considered a long shot in Congress. This is due to the opposing views on gun control in congress. One group in Congress is standing behind the …

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Jul 19

The Lottery of Life: Bone Marrow Problem for Minorities

In spring of 2011, I remember coming back home from college after a week full of exams. I could not be happier to be home and be able to spend time with my family. I was watching television with my mom that evening. Suddenly during a break, a commercial featuring Aziz Ansari was shown. He …

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Jul 17

Stigma and Health

Last fall, I wrote a proposal advocating for the creation of a suicide prevention program at my university for my scientific and technical writing class. While researching for my proposal, I came across the concept of stigma and how stigma negatively affects help seeking behaviors  in college student populations. Once again, as I am researching …

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Jun 12

Myth vs. Reality: There Aren’t Tigers in Africa?

Contrary to popular belief, tigers are not native to Africa. In fact, the only tigers that live on the entire continent are those used for breeding in zoos or on other special reserves. Personally, I was shocked when I heard this fact. How are there no tigers in Africa? What about the lions, and elephants, and zebras? …

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May 15

Linking the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration

America’s effort to end drug trafficking and drug use with its War on Drugs has had a profound impact on the nation and our neighbors for the last 40 years. It has strained our relationship with many Latin American countries and put undue stress on their local populations, while hurting our people unnecessarily at the …

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May 15

TIPS Project: When Attitudes Affect Actions

In the United States, schizophrenia is something that we fear. Ignore. Avoid. When we think of schizophrenia, our first thought jumps to an image of Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Time and time again, the media portrays individuals with schizophrenia as crazy, violent, and dangerous. But it doesn’t have to be …

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Feb 22

Does it get Better?

I recently wrote a post about the rising gay teen suicide rate due to bullying in schools. After researching and reading about the increasingly devastating number of LGBT youth who have committed suicide, I attempted to come up with a strong plan that might put an end this tragedy. Through my scouring of the web, …

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Feb 07

Is a “Burmese Spring” Happening?

“What about Burma?”  Since the beginning of the Arab Spring I have found myself thinking this often.  Burma has been torn apart by civil war for over 60 years in what is currently the longest running war in the world.  Even today, in a time where Burma seems to be heading more and more towards …

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Sep 16

Becoming Limitless

I recently watched Neil Burger’s movie Limitless. It started by depicting the main character Eddie Morra as an intelligent writer who struggled in finding inspiration to finish his novel and could not find an appropriate balance between his work and his relationship. This depressing beginning reminded me that so many people, for various reasons, squander …

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