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Aug 01

How US Cities Sweep the Homeless Under the Rug

Recently I wrote a piece on Brazil’s forced eviction and razing of slums in preparation for the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. Brazil’s efforts were an attempt at glossing over poverty in a major emerging economy that is about to be in the spotlight for the whole world.  It’s easy to pass …

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Jul 13

The Rise of Brazil: Part 2

Brazil has an exciting few years coming up with all the major global sporting events coming to its doorstep. In case you haven’t heard, Brazil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Having the two largest sporting events in the world in Brazil within the span of three years can …

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Jun 20

The Rise of Brazil: Part 1

Have you noticed lately that Brazil has been in the international spotlight… a lot? It seems like every week I see some new headline about Brazil in relation to:1) a major international convention, 2) a major international sports event or 3) an issue involving development in the Amazon. The attention is good, bad and/ or …

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Jun 06

World Environment Day 2012: What does it mean to you?

Did you know that June 5th is World Environment Day? Yeah, me either. That is until I noticed a tweet a few days ago that alerted me to this fact. If you’re into all things environmental you probably already know about this. If you’re not, you’re probably asking yourself “Wait, what is she talking about?” …

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Jan 16

Tackling Intergenerational Issues: Bolsa Familia

Have you ever seen the MTV show Skins?  Wait, it’s okay, I won’t subject you to the embarrassment of admitting to it; I’ll fill you in.  The show (a replica of a British hit) fictionally illustrates the lives of a group of American teenagers.  These teenagers participate in pretty much every morally questionable activity imaginable …

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