The Plight of Environmental Refugees

Last October, I wrote a blog entitled “Escaping Environmental Change” to shed some light on the plight of environmental refugees or climate migrants.

This week, we are launching a video I created on the SISGI Group’s YouTube channel to further raise awareness on the cause and start a discussion on possible solutions.

We invite you to view this 5 minute clip below and then add your comments at the bottom of this page.

To begin the dialogue, here are two questions to think about:

  • Part of the problem is that climate migrants are not recognized as traditional refugees because they are not escaping persecution. Do you think an argument can be made that they are refugees because they are being forced to leave their homes?
  • Should governments focus on addressing how climate is affecting their countries, which will then benefit the population in these environmentally torn areas; or should they address poverty within their borders, which will help people move to areas not affected by climate change?

Feel free to introduce additional thoughts or questions.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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