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Jul 05

Violence Against Women isn’t a “Women’s Issue”

Let me first start of by clarifying that yes, violence against women is about women and in that sense makes it a “women’s issue,” but in terms of the what the true problem is, it is anything but. If you missed my last post about the effects of intimate partner violence on women’s health, give …

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Jul 17

A Culture of Violent Masculinity: Part One

Take a close look at the following numbers: 85% of murders. 90% of violent, physical assaults. 95% of domestic violence. 95% of dating violence. 95% of child sexual abuse cases. 99.8% of those in prison convicted for rape. What do all of these statistics have in common? They’re all committed by men. For too long, …

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Feb 16

U.S. Domestic Violence Laws in America: How They Fail Women?

Domestic violence is a painful issue that women have faced for centuries in the United States and abroad.  As time goes by and our legal system becomes more progressive addressing complex issues such as cyber terrorism and modern day piracy I am amazed how domestic violence laws haven’t made much progress.  In fact it may …

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Feb 08

Violence against Women: A Global Epidemic

CNN reported last week that in Afghanistan police are looking for a man accused of killing his wife after she gave birth to his third child. The reason he killed her was because she had already given him two daughters and this third child was also a girl. Sher Mohammed blamed his wife for not …

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