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Jun 07

Rape in India – A True Culture Problem

On Monday night, June 3, 2013, an American tourist was raped by three men in Manali, India. Yet another incident in a long string of recent rapes shown in the news and media. The woman was returning from a nearby village to her resort hotel when a truck driver offered her a ride. He and …

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Dec 03

The Modern Day Feminist: My Take on Slutwalks

It’s often said that all it takes is a few words to spark a movement. A word, a phrase – sometimes they’re all that are needed to unite people, force them to take a stand, and change the course of history. On January 24th, 2011, a Toronto police officer from York University did just that when …

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Aug 15

What can be Done about Acid Violence in Colombia?

Acid attacks on women, and occasionally men, are unfair and horrific acts that commonly occur in Southeast Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, among others. Surprisingly reports of this type of violence have started to spring up in the Western Hemisphere in the South American country of Colombia. Any case of an acid attack …

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Feb 17

Rape: A Weapon of Choice in War

Mathilde, a mother of six, lived a quiet life in her village in Rwanda. One day as she went to the field towards her crops, she saw two men approach her. She ran when she recognized that they were wearing the insignia of the FDLR, a militia group, on their clothing. As she fled, she …

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