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Name: Natalie Brown
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Natalie Brown is a PhD candidate at Nova Southeastern University majoring in peace studies and conflict resolution. She is a mental health counselor with a focus in community mental health. Natalie is an avid reader and devoted mother with a passion for peace, and conflict resolution through education, collaboration and communication. As an ISC intern Natalie will be researching issues related to religion, suicide and refugees.

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  2. Are Schools Responsible When Bullying Results in Teen Suicide? — 5 comments
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Apr 02

Parents, Children and the Social Media Talk

Social technologies have broken the barriers of space and time, enabling us to interact 24/7 with more people than before. Most people spend their time sending emails, chatting with friends, posting videos or pictures, to being informed of the latest events. Everything can be done through Facebook, and Twitter. New social networking sites pop up …

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Mar 18

Slacktivism is not Activism

  Social media has become a fact for civil society. The ability to become involved with a social cause is literally at the tip of our fingers. Internet applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube facilitate the creation and exchange of user-created content on today’s social movements. Hype can be generated on social issues with …

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Mar 07

The NRA, Gun Owners, Advocates for Gun Control: Why Not Work Together?

There is no doubt that that the mass shooting  in Newtown, Conn., has heightened the political debate on gun control in the United States. The Obama-backed gun bills are considered a long shot in Congress. This is due to the opposing views on gun control in congress. One group in Congress is standing behind the …

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Feb 28

Five Thousand Dollar Bullets!

In the wake of the  Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the country’s focus is on  stricter gun control. This week Congress is expected to debate the broadest  the broadest gun control legislation in a generation. However, I think ammunition control should be at the forefront of this debate. It is essential to focus on the gun control, but …

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Feb 19

On the issue of homosexuality missionaries must be univolved

MIssionary Work in Uganda It is unacceptable for missionaries to use their resources to get polices passed into law in some African countries that they could never get passed in their own country. As is currently evident in the actions of American Evangelicals in Uganda and the kill-the-Gays bill. Missionary work” is often associated with the …

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Feb 06

Missionary Work?

When people hear the words donating to Africa, or missionary work in Africa, it is often associated with doing “good”. However, this is not the case in Uganda. Some extremist American Evangelicals are spending their “missionary time” and “donations” supporting the antigay sentiment sweeping Uganda . Their “missionary time” is spent asking Parliament to speed up …

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Jan 22

Acquiring a gun should be a “DMV” experience

Just four short weeks after 20 children and six adults were massacred in Newtown, , the sale of guns continue to spike . This surprises me, because the horror of Newtown was felt and seen across the globe. The massacre rocked the nation to its core. My immediate reaction was there has to be a …

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Dec 13

Brand Name Disaster Relief

The lives of Haitians are threadbare and there is little in the way of relief funds. How is this possible? When international donations totaling more than $10 billion were donated to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake . The disparity in the suffering of the Haitian people and the astronomical amount of money donated …

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Dec 10

Community Empowerment in Haiti

A great sense of empowerment is needed for the people of Haiti, who remain in a housing crisis two years after the earthquake. The empowerment of people in need is paramount to creating change. The best Aid workers are sometimes individuals who have lived in the communities needing help and are invested in their communities. …

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Dec 04

Who Wins in Religious Identity and Parenting?

A person can be half-French and half-Italian, and simultaneously a citizen of two countries. Yet, it is awfully complicated to be half- Christian and half-Jewish when it comes to religion. A distinction has to be made; one is either a Christian or a Jew. It is difficult to partially identify with such distinct religious identities. …

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