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Aug 06

Abortion-Included Tours

“Water always finds its way” I’ve written a little bit about health-related tourism in the past, specifically Penang, Malaysia’s efforts to use high-quality–yet very affordable–hospitals and doctors to encourage tourists to visit the state and undergo medical procedures, but, as you probably guessed from the title, this post is a little different. The Turkish government is …

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Jul 31

Exceptions to the Rule: America’s Death Penalty Law

Have you ever thought about the death penalty? Do you support using it? If so, what crimes should it apply to? Should any individual potentially face execution? Should there be exceptions? I know those are tough questions, but they’re things we NEED to think about. Because right now, our laws surrounding the death penalty simply …

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Jul 09

Electricity and the Arab Spring

If you were wondering why I missed my post last week, it’s  because I was one of the million+ people who lost power during the storm that hit the east coast on the 29th.  I was without power for 6 days–almost 7–which meant no internet, no television, no air conditioning, and, since our house has well …

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Jun 26

Sports Mascots: They’re Not All Fun and Games

Mascots, mascots, mascots. They’re everywhere. High school, college, and professional teams alike circle around their beloved mascots during the “big game” as a beacon of tradition, hope, and luck. Some mascots are funny, and some are plain strange. (There’s such thing as a banana slug? And a dancing tree? Check out UC Santa Cruz and …

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Jun 20

Stop and Frisk: A New York Controversy

Stop and Frisk. I’m sure you’ve heard about it but I doubt you’ve personally experienced it or really even thought about how it would feel. Imagine you’re walking in your neighborhood, hanging out in a park, just talking to your friends. All of a sudden a police officer walks up and informs you he needs …

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Jun 05

Don’t Give Up Hope: Women’s Groups Do Make a Difference

When I started writing my blog last week about the battle surrounding women’s health in Texas I was struck by what a powerful group Don’t Mess with Texas Women had become in just one year. But I was still a little skeptical that they or other groups could impact the system enough to protect their …

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May 30

Defending Women’s Health in Texas

Think about Planned Parenthood. What are the first things that come to mind? Women’s health? Pro-choice activism? Legal cases? Abortion? All these words apply to the Planned Parenthood organization, but they don’t capture the entire scope of what it does. The organization has existed for more than 90 years but there are still lots of …

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May 10

Egypt: Islamic Democracy?

For those of you that don’t know, the Pew Research Center conducts surveys on public opinion (among other things) with the goal of providing information on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping America and the world.  One of their most recent publications as part of their Global Attitudes Project, the branch of the center that …

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Apr 19

Bahraini Activists Gain Steam

It’s pretty easy to forget that the Arab Spring is more than just Egypt, Libya, and Syria; those three countries dominate the news, particularly Syria, while the other countries involved in the movement are largely ignored.  So today I’ve decided to devote a post to Bahrain, which has been mostly out of the media since …

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Apr 18

Al Fin ¿Quién Valida Las Regulaciones Hídricas?

Read this post in English A menudo tendemos a hacer generalizaciones y simplificaciones sobre cuestiones mundiales. Mi área de investigación referente a la privatización del agua ha dado lugar a muchas preguntas interesantes, más que respuestas concretas. En parte, creo que estas preguntas pueden conducir a enangostar decisiones políticas para obtener resultados más adecuados. Lo …

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