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Jul 06

The Politics of Women’s Health in the US: Part Three

The biggest news last week was no doubt the Supreme Court ruling upholding President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), or you may know it by its catchier on name ‘Obamacare’. The Act does a lot of good for different groups of Americans, but the one I want to look at is the biggest: women. This …

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May 30

Defending Women’s Health in Texas

Think about Planned Parenthood. What are the first things that come to mind? Women’s health? Pro-choice activism? Legal cases? Abortion? All these words apply to the Planned Parenthood organization, but they don’t capture the entire scope of what it does. The organization has existed for more than 90 years but there are still lots of …

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Jan 30

Improving Free Health Care

After nine months of providing free health care for all, Côte d’Ivoire has recently announced the end of their trial program.  It was an expensive experiment, costing a belabored government the equivalent $60 million dollars. More importantly, the program itself was deeply flawed. While in theory free healthcare should allow more individuals to access professional …

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Jun 03

Counterintuitive, but Affordable

Since my previous post in which I brought to light Robert Bach and Peter Kocher’s proposal of eliminating tuition costs for med school students, I have had various interesting conversations with people about potential pros and cons of this plan. On the most part, people agreed with me that such a change to our medical …

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Feb 18

So What Happens To Health Care?

A Federal Judge in Florida ruled on January 31, 2011, that the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act that was passed last year (known to many of us as the health care law), which extended health insurance to almost every American, is unconstitutional. According to Judge Roger Vinson, a district Judge in Florida and a …

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