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Jul 20

Women’s Health in Texas: Why Coverage Might Disappear

Did you know that low-income women in Texas might not have health coverage next year? Do you know why they’re at risk? Because of a decision by the state legislature to deny Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood clinics. The state doesn’t legally have the right to do that if they want to continue receiving federal …

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Jul 17

Women’s Health: It’s Not Up For Negotiation

You’ve probably noticed that women’s health has been in the news almost constantly over the past few months. The coverage has mainly focused on reproductive and contraceptive rights, which are both extremely important. But I think we sometimes forget there’s more to women’s health than just those issues, including breast cancer, depression, body image, and …

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Jun 05

Don’t Give Up Hope: Women’s Groups Do Make a Difference

When I started writing my blog last week about the battle surrounding women’s health in Texas I was struck by what a powerful group Don’t Mess with Texas Women had become in just one year. But I was still a little skeptical that they or other groups could impact the system enough to protect their …

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Feb 10

The Need for Planned Parenthood’s Crucial Services

In wake of last week’s decision – and subsequent reversal of that decision – by Susan G. Komen For the Cure to end grant funding to Planned Parenthood Federation’s (PPFA) cancer screening initiatives, I thought it would be interesting to explain in detail the work that is carried out by Planned Parenthood Federation.  You may …

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Mar 01

A Radical Notion that Women are People

Ever since the US House of Representatives became a Republican majority two months ago, the House, along with many state legislatures, have been churning out legislation targeted at limiting women’s rights, redefining victims of sexual assault and placing the lives of fetuses above their mother’s. There are currently three initiatives against abortion at the Federal …

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