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Jul 03

Looking Back on China (6): People’s Republic of Copying

I miss home so desperately, every time I cannot download songs or movies free of charge in America. Infringements on intellectual property rights in China are so common that even no one perceives them as illegal. Of course, as a law student, I know what the law is. But I still enjoyed our “privilege” carelessly, …

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Jun 28

Looking Back on China (5): Goodbye, Engineer-Presidents

While 25 of America’s Presidents have been lawyers, China, for the very first time in its more than 60 years history, welcomes a former law student as one of the top national leaders. Li Keqiang, a Bachelor of Law degree holder from the Peking University, was nominated as Prime Minister in early March. Having been …

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Jun 24

Looking Back on China (4): First Lady Effect

Peng Liyuan now has an even more brilliant role to play than she did as a national-renowned folk singer – the most popular First Lady ever in the history of China. Peng became a household name in China well before her husband. She gained popularity as a soprano singer from her regular appearances on the …

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Jun 20

Looking Back on China (3): A Fancy Chinese Dream

After Jiang Zemin’s “Three Representatives” and Hu Jintao’s “Harmonious Society,”  now Chinese overburdened high school students have one more theory to learn by rote. “Chinese Dream,” repeatedly emphasized by China’s new president Xi Jinping, is seemingly more catchy and captivating. In the arcane world of Chinese politics, slogans matter. They are the words that are …

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Jun 17

Looking Back on China (2): Socialism or Capitalism?

“No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat, as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.”  It was probably the most influential quote of Deng Xiaoping, the Chief Architect of Chinese Reform and Opening, who further interpreted that “Do not restrict yourself from the difference between Socialism …

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Jun 03

Looking Back on China (1): Hello China?

“Are you a spy?” My supervising attorney asked me this when I was volunteering in the Pima County Superior Court. I told him I came here to study law, the field of which has been regarded as the realm of the elites in this society. Obviously, he could not figure out why I, a foreigner …

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Jun 15

What really happens when you get rid of those old CDs?

The other day I was cleaning out my room and found a pile of old CDs that I no longer had any use for (Hanson and I parted ways a long time ago). Now, I know what I’m supposed to do when I want to get rid of old electrics and the like: recycle them. …

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Feb 07

An Unlikely Election

Last year a province in China called Guangdong made headlines as the residents rioted over a land dispute with the local officials in December 2011. The village residents of Wukan were upset that local officials were taking their farmlands and selling them to large companies for profit. The month long protests led to the corrupt …

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Dec 16

China’s Progress Towards Green Technology

A few months ago, I wrote an article about China’s effort to make the city of Shenyang more environmentally friendly.  In recent days with the Durban Climate Change Conference having just finished in South Africa, environmental issues have garnered a little more focus in the last few weeks. While I am typically a quick skeptic …

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Jul 20

Encouraging Ecotourism in China

When you think “ecotourism” China is probably not the first place that comes to mind.  No, China brings up images of massive crowds of people and heavy smog clouds, not things that are very compatible with environmentally and economically friendly ecotourism.  However, with 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 28 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, the ecotourism …

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