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Oct 05

Down Syndrome: A New Perspective

Eleven weeks ago I gave birth to my second daughter, Hope.  As we began to adjust to life as a family of four, it became clear to me that each of our girls is unique.  Not only are they unique from each other, they are unique from their father & me as well.  Harper, my …

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Feb 01

ADHD: Is Medication the ANSWER?

Taking a look back at my childhood days, I knew I was different than most kids at school.  I was not only shy, but I would get lost in my own world during class.  I would start daydreaming and tune out what the teacher was saying.  I didn’t mean to, but it would just happen. …

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Dec 04

Who Wins in Religious Identity and Parenting?

A person can be half-French and half-Italian, and simultaneously a citizen of two countries. Yet, it is awfully complicated to be half- Christian and half-Jewish when it comes to religion. A distinction has to be made; one is either a Christian or a Jew. It is difficult to partially identify with such distinct religious identities. …

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