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Feb 03

So is Voluntourism the Road Better Traveled?

Voluntourism, as discussed in a previous blog, To Go Or Not To Go, provides a unique impact and scope compared to traditional donations.  The second part of the series seeks to uncover the road of donations as compared to voluntourism in terms of reaching the destination, community impact, and the values of overhead.  The analysis …

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Dec 13

Brand Name Disaster Relief

The lives of Haitians are threadbare and there is little in the way of relief funds. How is this possible? When international donations totaling more than $10 billion were donated to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake . The disparity in the suffering of the Haitian people and the astronomical amount of money donated …

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Jul 12

North African Migrants and The Peril at Sea

The topic of Libyan refugees is one that is so large, so broad and so important that I haven’t known where exactly to begin with it even though it’s something that is important to talk about. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of Libyans have fled the country since the start of the conflict in …

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