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Jun 14

Plan B Doesn’t Endanger Lives, It Saves Them

On Monday, June 10, 2012 the Obama administration made the long overdue decision to drop restrictrictions limiting access to the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill. Once the F.D.A. approves, the pill be allowed to be distributed over the counter to girl’s of any age without a prescription. While I believe this is a step in …

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Jun 07

Rape in India – A True Culture Problem

On Monday night, June 3, 2013, an American tourist was raped by three men in Manali, India. Yet another incident in a long string of recent rapes shown in the news and media. The woman was returning from a nearby village to her resort hotel when a truck driver offered her a ride. He and …

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May 31

Inequality of Breast Cancer

In this world, there are those who are privileged and those who are less fortunate.  Let’s face the fact that America’s history illustrates its structure of social inequalities.  America is full of Americans who have and those who have-not.  For example, the way in which women are screened and treated for breast cancer is no …

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May 31

Finding a Cure for Gun Violence: a Public Health Approach

Imagine there was some kind of disease that killed more than 30,000 people a year. Imagine this disease affected all kinds populations all over the country. Don’t you think if such a disease existed the CDC, NIH and the government would be all over it? What if I told you this “disease” is gun violence? That’s …

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Apr 16

“Healthy” Menus Are Not Helping The Obesity Epidemic

Do you ever order from the “healthy” menu of fast food restaurants? Maybe you thought ordering that wrap instead of the burger was a healthy choice. Well, what I’m about to tell you might disappoint you a little. But first, some facts. The American Heart Association reports that 80 percent of U.S. teens have diets …

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Apr 01

Health Is A Right. Health Equity Is Our Goal

The other day I went to see a speaker on my college campus. Her name was Renata Schiavo and she is the founder and president of the Health Equity Initiative, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to building community, capacity and communication resources for health equity. Staying true to her mission of spreading awareness, she …

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Mar 26

Vaccines, Herd Immunity and Social Responsibility

Having shadowed a good number of doctors in my past I’ve had the opportunity of being familiar with a lot of the difficulties they face with patients. One such difficulty is trying to get parents to vaccinate themselves and their children. There have been several occasions in which a doctor has expressed to me his …

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Feb 25

Economics and Happiness

In the 1970s Richard Easterlin wrote an article titled “Does Economic Growth Improve the Human Lot? Some Empirical Evidence,” in which he described what is now known as the Easterlin Paradox and became the father of happiness economics. The Easterlin Paradox, simply stated, suggests that people do not get happier as they get richer.   …

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Feb 22

Breastfeeding in Developing Countries

Almost 6.9 million children under five died around the world in 2011. Did you also know that almost 830,000 deaths could be avoided if every baby was breastfed within the first hour of life? As soon as the infant is born, the mother produces a special milk called colostrum. Colostrum is known to be the …

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Feb 15

Why Contraception Should Not Be Controversial

Last week I wrote about the importance of talking about abortion so that society can move beyond the labels of pro-choice and pro-life and learn more about the woman’s situation. I mentioned that if people truly wanted to decrease the amount of abortions (which I’m sure we all do) then we had to understand why …

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