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Jun 28

Obesity as a Disease

We all hear about the obesity epidemic a lot. I, for one, have done several previous posts on it myself. People are always discussing the causes or how to fix it and it seems like this epidemic is something that continues to plague the minds of the medical world. No pun intended. Just recently, the …

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Aug 20

Education in Refugee Camps

It’s that time of year again: back to school. Parents and kids all over the US are preparing for another school year. And what do they do to prepare? Buy snazzy new clothes to impress their friends and classmates, stock up on binders and pencils, and wind down summer activities like camp and family vacations. …

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Jul 10

HPV Vaccine: No information for Men?

Have you heard of Human Papillomavirus or HPV? Some of us that have heard of the vaccine are probably even vaccinated against it, but do we really know anything else about it? The Human Papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease with multiple different strains. Some strains are naturally fought off by our body’s immune system. …

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Sep 30

Are Some Diseases Just Not Sexy Enough?

Anyone having read aid literature is familiar with the stories about underfunded and overcrowded disease clinics throughout Africa. Where patients don’t have the means to pay for treatments, and often medications are in too short supply. These grueling stories tug at the heartstrings of foreign donors, and because they are so far removed from a …

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