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Feb 18

Best Practices For Grief: Parental Incarceration

Building onto our current series, this post looks at grief and loss experiences of children and teens impacted by parental incarceration.  Previously, this series explored the grief and loss experiences of children and teens touched by foster care placement,  parental deployment and death and divorce. 2.7 million children in the United States have an incarcerated parent.   …

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Oct 19

Are Schools Responsible When Bullying Results in Teen Suicide?

The increase in teen suicide associated with cases of bullying has resulted in lawsuits being filed against some schools. Messages left behind by suicide victims through social media, or letters chronicling their prolonged and continuous bullying while in the care of school officials, have prompted blame against some schools. Everyday, it is estimated that 160,000 …

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Jul 10

What About the Boys?

It’s not just the girls. Boys also are influenced by the images they see in the media. When you look at the numbers, it’s clear that girls’ body image in the United States is in grave danger. 42% of first, second, and third grade girls want to lose weight.  More than 50% of ten-year-old girls …

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