Sheila D. Borzomati

Sheila D. Borzomati is a graduate business student at Florida Institute of Technology , where she is completing her M.B.A. in Internet Marketing through Florida Tech Online; her undergraduate work led to a B.S. in legal studies. Sheila's career has included copy-writing for print, radio and television advertising, ownership of an advertising agency, and advertising management for newspaper and magazines. Sheila has had a lifelong passion for music, and has often worked in the industry while pursuing her business interests. Sheila is a published songwriter, and has managed musical artists, helping them to secure interest from major record labels. Sheila is an outspoken proponent for change, especially where she sees social injustice, and she feels passionately that people can arrive at compromise and solutions once a dialogue is started. Sheila will be writing about the family impact of gender-reassignment, digital piracy and its effects on the music industry, and how the practice of "no child left behind" has placed students at a disadvantage when they progress through grades levels without strong writing, and math skills.

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Jul 05

Transgender Transitions

A loved and respected Methodist minister in North Carolina, a father of two boys, married to his second wife for over thirty years:  This describes the person a small community in North Carolina knew – or thought they knew – when Duane Flynn made a life-saving decision to cease hiding his true self.  Duane, now …

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Jun 04

Parenting a Transgender Child

What does “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” mean to you? What I know first-hand about childhood is that mine didn’t happen in a nurturing environment, so I sought and received approval and support from the loving parents of my childhood friends.  They were, and still are, my village.  It doesn’t take an …

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May 28

Born with the wrong parts: When genitalia doesn’t define gender

In nearly every picture from my childhood I am wearing ballet leotards or a tutu, mostly because I studied ballet as a child, but also because I identified with the ballerina. It was my “girl” thing, and the ballerina represented the woman I wanted to become. My brother always appears wearing a baseball cap or …

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