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Oct 06

I Am a Young Breast Cancer Survivor and This Is What I Want You to Know

I was 28 when I heard the words that changed my world forever. “You have breast cancer.” At the time I was working full time, finishing my graduate degree, and living a healthy life. My diagnosis completely knocked my life into a new reality that was dark and frightening. I did not look or feel sick, …

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May 31

Inequality of Breast Cancer

In this world, there are those who are privileged and those who are less fortunate.  Let’s face the fact that America’s history illustrates its structure of social inequalities.  America is full of Americans who have and those who have-not.  For example, the way in which women are screened and treated for breast cancer is no …

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Oct 16

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Who’s Really Benefitting?

As I’m sure you know, it’s breast cancer awareness month! There’s pink everywhere. Charity runs every weekend. And information about breast cancer in every facet of the media. Which is a huge change from 20 years ago when many people were too embarrassed to even talk about the disease. Since my mother is a breast …

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Jul 17

Women’s Health: It’s Not Up For Negotiation

You’ve probably noticed that women’s health has been in the news almost constantly over the past few months. The coverage has mainly focused on reproductive and contraceptive rights, which are both extremely important. But I think we sometimes forget there’s more to women’s health than just those issues, including breast cancer, depression, body image, and …

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