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Name: Lena Yoneyama
Date registered: 31 May, 2013


Lena is a senior at Chapman University double majoring in Economics and Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution with a focus on economic development in Southeast Asia. She has an international background as she herself have attended multiple international schools and have traveled to many different countries. She is passionate about social change and working for a non-profit in the near future. As an ISC intern at the SISGI Group, she will be researching about economic development, ethnic conflicts and religious conflicts in Southeast Asia.

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  3. Are ASEAN’s Goals Achievable? — 1 comment
  4. Singapore: Corrupt or Not? — 1 comment

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Sep 20

Thailand’s Deep South

Some people might wonder why I am writing a blog post about the South Thailand Insurgency. It is well known that this Islamic insurgency took place in 2004 and had experienced its peak in 2007. It may seem like an outdated conflict that had dissipated throughout the years, but it is in fact still an …

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Sep 18

Is Burma really on the path to Democracy?

The religious crisis in Arakan state, Burma against the Rohingya Muslims is escalating by the second. I had previously written about this subject in my blog posts, but I want to update everyone on what is currently going on. To briefly explain what the conflict is about, there are groups of Buddhist extremists and Burmese …

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Jul 24

Where is our freedom of speech in Southeast Asia?

Nguyen Van Hai, a 12 year sentenced prisoner in Vietnam, has been on a hunger strike for 30 days in his prison cell to protest against poor treatment in jail. However, he should not be in jail in the first place. He is one out of 43 of bloggers, journalists, and political activists that have …

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Jul 17

Lack of Infrastructure Hampering Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia has been a rising economy since the Asian financial crisis in 1997. It is currently the 16th largest economy in the world in which its economy is driven solely by consumption.  The country is composed by a large young population that is quickly urbanizing while increasing income levels. The standard of living has been …

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Jul 03

Singapore: Corrupt or Not?

Singapore is one of the leading economies in the world with finance being the top markets. According to the 2012 corruption perception index by Transparency International, Singapore is the 5th least corrupt country in the world, making it the least corrupt in Asia. Although it is a small country, its GDP is ranked 35th in …

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Jun 27

969 Extremists

Burma is known for its ethnic tensions within the country, but did you know that religious tensions are heightening as you are reading this? The largest religious group in Burma are Buddhists and 89% of the people practice it. The second largest religious groups are the Christians and Muslims which each accounting for 4% of …

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Jun 18

Are ASEAN’s Goals Achievable?

When I think of current events in Southeast Asia, the things that pop into my head are authoritarian regimes, ethnic tensions, border clashes, and so on. There is an entire list of current conflicts going on in this region. An example of a border dispute would be Thailand conflicting with neighboring Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos and …

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Jun 14

Extreme Poverty in Lao PDR

Lao PDR has one of the highest growth rates in Southeast Asia with 6% increase every year in the last decade. Even the level of poverty has been declining. However, the country is still one of the least developed in Southeast Asia and the level of poverty is still largely apparent in this economy. Laos …

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Jun 06

Education Development in Cambodia

Did you know that Cambodia has a literacy rate of 74 percent? That is considered one of the lowest rates in Asia. Literacy rates are used to determine education quality in each country. However, the primary education completion rate in 2009 was 84 percent and has been slowly increasing. The literacy rate is fairly low …

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May 31

Election Results Destabilizing Malaysia

During the fall, I interned for a candidate running for congress. In the end my candidate did not win and though I was sad and even furious that the opposition won, it was a done deal.There may be certain aspects of the American election process that are unclear and corrupt, we might talk with our …

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