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Mar 29

Defining Your Own Success: Guidance Inspired by Yvonne Siu Turner

Yvonne is the Senior Manager for Corporate Resources and Programs at Points of Light Corporate Institute. Points of Light is the largest non-profit in the world dedicated to volunteer service. Their corporate institute is the “go-to” resource for corporations to build strategic employee volunteer programs. She manages the learning programs and creates strategies, trainings, and …

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Jul 03

The Commercialization of American Schools

The reality is that many schools have money problems. Big money problems. Across the country there are major budget cuts and layoffs. Financial issues have been the main topic of conversation in schools for years. A recent solution that many schools have adopted is to allow companies advertising rights within the school, in exchange for …

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Apr 17

A New Look at Corporate Social Responsibility: Webinar

The week of April 12th I  presented a webinar on Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the Institute for Social Change’s Research and Learning Series. The webinar followed the themes I presented in my post “What Kind of Change are Companies Really Trying to Make?”. Social responsibility and humanitarian activism have become new concepts explored in …

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Mar 26

Improving LGBT Rights with the Corporate Equality Index

Since 2002 the Human Rights Campaign has been creating and releasing a public Corporate Equality Index each year. This is a list of businesses and corporations that indicates their level of LGBT support and equality in terms of employment. Businesses are chosen from the Fortune Magazine’s 1000 largest publicly traded businesses and the American Lawyer …

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Feb 02

What Kind of “Change” Are Companies Really Trying to Make?

Imagine today you woke up and decided, “I’m going to start a business.”  Whether you have an MBA or half a year of college under your belt, there are certain steps you realize you’ll need to take to see your vision come to life.  First, you’ll need a business proposal, a financial plan, investors, permits …

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Oct 11

Successes in Sustainability: Green Mountain Coffee

In my last post I discussed the Global Conference for Social Change that I attended last week here in New York. With one day focusing on women and girls, the second day was all about leaders of change. Guests ranged from business to business (B2B) organizations such as DSM, to the department store Marks and …

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Sep 26

Information and Consumption

Empowering the consumer through the power of stories. When we go to the supermarket, very often you only have a vague idea of where the product comes from, what the chain of production involved or how the product got to the stands. Most of us happen to be incredibly ignorant consumers, blind to what goes …

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Apr 04

Help or Not – Series 1

Microsoft’s Bing Japan Earthquake Tweet That was the tweet that got people asking: Was Microsoft Wrong to Use the Japanese Earthquake for Marketing? It all started with what some people consider the age old scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back concept i.e. to donate $100,000 and at the same time use that effort …

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