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Feb 07

Twitter’s Take: The Not Top 10 (Super Bowl Edition)

Let me just start off by saying that I love Twitter. I really do. I realize that there are a lot of Twitter haters out there. (Also known as people who have never had a Twitter…) However, they’re the ones who are really missing out. Why do I love Twitter? I love Twitter because it gives power …

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Jul 17

A Culture of Violent Masculinity: Part One

Take a close look at the following numbers: 85% of murders. 90% of violent, physical assaults. 95% of domestic violence. 95% of dating violence. 95% of child sexual abuse cases. 99.8% of those in prison convicted for rape. What do all of these statistics have in common? They’re all committed by men. For too long, …

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Jul 03

The Commercialization of American Schools

The reality is that many schools have money problems. Big money problems. Across the country there are major budget cuts and layoffs. Financial issues have been the main topic of conversation in schools for years. A recent solution that many schools have adopted is to allow companies advertising rights within the school, in exchange for …

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May 29

Gender and Media: Breaking Down Beer Commercials

Some people find commercials entertaining. Others find them annoying. However, what everyone can agree on is that they’re everywhere. The average person sees around two million commercials by the time they reach the age of 65. The average child sees around twenty-thousand 30-second long commercials every single year. Commercials are here to stay. And what …

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May 24

Gender & Media: Whose Story is Really Being Told in Music Videos?

Music videos have become a staple in our culture since the start of MTV in 1981. There’s been Total Request Live. Vh1’s Top 20 Video Countdown. Nowadays, YouTube is the newest platform for teens and adults alike to view music videos at any time of the day. What do all these platforms have in common? …

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