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Feb 15

Why Contraception Should Not Be Controversial

Last week I wrote about the importance of talking about abortion so that society can move beyond the labels of pro-choice and pro-life and learn more about the woman’s situation. I mentioned that if people truly wanted to decrease the amount of abortions (which I’m sure we all do) then we had to understand why …

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Feb 04

Moving Beyond the Labels of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

A few weeks back Planned Parenthood made the announcement that they will be abandoning the labels of “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” in hopes of reaching more women who do not identify as “pro-choice” but still support and need their services. A study found that 35% of voters who identified as pro-life also said they didn’t think …

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Jun 28

The Politics of Women’s Health in the US: Part Two

Apparently freedom of speech and talking like an adult are not acceptable in some places in 2012. Specifically I’m talking about the Michigan House of Representatives where, as you may have heard, one female state representative and her colleague were banned, banned, from speaking because of a word that was uttered. What could she have …

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Mar 20

U.S. Civil Liberties Taken in 2012?

Last week I stumbled upon a news event that had to do with one of the most controversial issues in the U.S: abortion.  The latest news on this issue has to do with the controversial Virginia anti-abortion legislation, which has created many protests, especially in the state Capitol.  Basically, putting in the simplest of terms, the …

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Mar 19

How Abortion Laws are Taking Away Women’s Rights

Women’s rights have constantly changed throughout the history of the United States. For the most part they have improved. We’ve seen voting rights, employment rights, and equal rights in general surge from movements and hard work, making women a prominent part of society. Even though it has taken so much effort to get to this …

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Mar 01

A Radical Notion that Women are People

Ever since the US House of Representatives became a Republican majority two months ago, the House, along with many state legislatures, have been churning out legislation targeted at limiting women’s rights, redefining victims of sexual assault and placing the lives of fetuses above their mother’s. There are currently three initiatives against abortion at the Federal …

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