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Aug 13

Transparency in Research: The Controversy of Fracking in NY

You’ve probably heard a lot about the controversial practice of natural gas drilling, or fracking as it’s more commonly called. It seems like every few weeks or months there’s some new story about the benefits or harm of fracking. No matter the story, it seems like it’s always followed by protest or disagreement over the …

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Jul 31

My Sea Turtle Story

I’ve wanted to write this story for a while, but never really knew where to start. How do you ever really define an entire experience with only a couple words? How do you write an article teaching a lesson that it took you yourself over ten months to understand? I’ve decided to start with the …

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Jul 26

BP Partners with London 2012 Olympics on Sustainability

Sometimes the irony of a situation is just so glaringly obvious it’s hard to believe it’s real. In just a few days the London 2012 Summer Olympics will kick off two and a half weeks of athleticism at its finest. One of the major themes of the games this year is to create the first …

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Jul 09

Holy Heat Wave: Is this proof of Climate Change?

I’m sure most of you reading this have experienced or have heard about how triple digit hot, and I mean hot, it has been from the Midwest to the East Coast the past week and a half. This summer is brutal and it’s only just started. Already dozens have died from these record high temperatures. …

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Jun 20

The Rise of Brazil: Part 1

Have you noticed lately that Brazil has been in the international spotlight… a lot? It seems like every week I see some new headline about Brazil in relation to:1) a major international convention, 2) a major international sports event or 3) an issue involving development in the Amazon. The attention is good, bad and/ or …

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Jun 15

What really happens when you get rid of those old CDs?

The other day I was cleaning out my room and found a pile of old CDs that I no longer had any use for (Hanson and I parted ways a long time ago). Now, I know what I’m supposed to do when I want to get rid of old electrics and the like: recycle them. …

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Jun 06

World Environment Day 2012: What does it mean to you?

Did you know that June 5th is World Environment Day? Yeah, me either. That is until I noticed a tweet a few days ago that alerted me to this fact. If you’re into all things environmental you probably already know about this. If you’re not, you’re probably asking yourself “Wait, what is she talking about?” …

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May 31

What Happens When the Islands Sink?

Islands around the world are starting to disappear, or “sink”, and the lack of attention to this issue is disturbing. Islands in the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and even the United States are starting to witness continuous rising water levels and stronger storm and tidal surges that threaten to extinct islands and have devastating effects …

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May 22

Students Turn Science Project into Reality

“Organic” is in. Same goes for “all natural”. “Fresh”. “Healthy”. Welcome to food marketing in the 21st century. Food buzzwords are everywhere these days, which leaves you wondering… what is real? A recent trend is community supported agriculture (CSA), in which you pay a local farmer at the beginning of a farming season and in …

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Apr 18

Al Fin ¿Quién Valida Las Regulaciones Hídricas?

Read this post in English A menudo tendemos a hacer generalizaciones y simplificaciones sobre cuestiones mundiales. Mi área de investigación referente a la privatización del agua ha dado lugar a muchas preguntas interesantes, más que respuestas concretas. En parte, creo que estas preguntas pueden conducir a enangostar decisiones políticas para obtener resultados más adecuados. Lo …

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