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Feb 25

Why We Don’t Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World

How many times have you heard someone say something like, “the world’s population is growing and we need to dramatically increase our food production”? And then, heard someone talking about how more pesticides, fertilizer and genetic engineering is going to help us do it. While the intentions of these people may seem good, these proposed …

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Aug 06

Climate Change and the Indian Blackout

Imagine if half of the US were without power. The country would come to a complete standstill. Some people would be able to travel and those with generators would be fine, but work and the economy would slow to a halt. Now imagine the entire US population was without power; then double that. That’s what …

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Jul 09

Holy Heat Wave: Is this proof of Climate Change?

I’m sure most of you reading this have experienced or have heard about how triple digit hot, and I mean hot, it has been from the Midwest to the East Coast the past week and a half. This summer is brutal and it’s only just started. Already dozens have died from these record high temperatures. …

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May 31

What Happens When the Islands Sink?

Islands around the world are starting to disappear, or “sink”, and the lack of attention to this issue is disturbing. Islands in the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and even the United States are starting to witness continuous rising water levels and stronger storm and tidal surges that threaten to extinct islands and have devastating effects …

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