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Jun 19

Spread the Word to End the Word

There’s a moment in many social situations when you simply don’t know what to say. Someone has misstepped their boundaries, violated your beliefs, and you don’t know how to respond. The moment hangs in time, as an internal battle rages in your mind. Should you stay silent, stewing in anger? Do you say something? Is …

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Jul 04

Violence against Women with Disabilities

Although statistics vary widely from disability to disability, women with disabilities (WWDs) in general are more likely to experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse for longer periods of time than women without disabilities. One of the biggest obstacles to understanding the prevalence and effects of violence against women with disabilities is the dearth of research …

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Jun 17

The Right to Die

In my previous post I talked about the conflict between a women’s rights to choose abortion, and the ethical danger of normalizing the practice of abortion in order to eradicate disability. Medical professionals and parents-to-be may argue that, due to environmental barriers, cultural stigmas, or the lack of available medical options, the quality of life …

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May 27

Disabled Actors and Acting Disabled

The Absence and Authenticity of Disability in films and TV In recent years there has been some controversy over the shortage of scripted characters with disabilities in American media and arts. Studies from the National Arts and Disability Center and the Broadcaster’s Disability Network show that although 20% of Americans between the ages of 5 …

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May 06

A Vicious Cycle

Poverty, Disability, and Exclusion from Development Strategies A World Bank estimate suggests that 25% of the 1.3 billion most impoverished people in the world experience some form of disability, and according to the UN Development Program, 80% of persons with disabilities (PWDs) live in developing countries. These numbers are steadily increasing due to a number …

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