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Jul 27

Olympic Coverage: Let’s Hear it for the “Girls”

I curled up in front of my television earlier this month, all set to watch the women’s gymnastic Olympic trials, when something caught my attention. At the start of the program, a promotional video began to run, flashing the names of the Olympic hopefuls. There was “Jordyn.. Gabby… McKayla… Alexandra… Kyla…” WAIT. Since when were …

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Jul 05

The Gendered Nature of the English Language

I was watching my sister write thank-you cards the other day, when she came across a card from an older couple that she didn’t know very well. She stopped, realizing that she didn’t know how to properly address the envelope. I checked online and discovered that traditional etiquette dictates that a formal invitation or card …

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Jun 19

Spread the Word to End the Word

There’s a moment in many social situations when you simply don’t know what to say. Someone has misstepped their boundaries, violated your beliefs, and you don’t know how to respond. The moment hangs in time, as an internal battle rages in your mind. Should you stay silent, stewing in anger? Do you say something? Is …

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Mar 15

The Role of Language in Immigrant Health Outcomes

I recently wrote about how changing diets of immigrants can contribute to the decline in their health. There are many studies that explain how immigrants’ diets change with the inclusion and/or exclusion of foods. There are many other health barriers that immigrants can face when moving to the US. For example, they may live in …

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