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May 17

A Step in the Right Direction

Homelessness is a very evident, and very visible problem in the United States. It is not unusual to pass by a homeless man sitting on the side of the street on your way to work, or to see a whole crowd of sleeping men while running through the park. The hard truth is that after …

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Jun 16

The Little Know Details of Trafficking Men

Ever since I was 13 and went on a family vacation to Phuket, Thailand, I have been obsessed with making plans to one day return.  As I grew older and read more about Thailand, however, I was starting to learn that not everything about this country was beautiful.  Human trafficking has been a huge problem …

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Mar 23

Involving Men in Maternal Health

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about the importance of educating women to reduce maternal mortality. Many NGO programs agree with this focus, concentrating scare resources on providing women with information and training. At the same time, recent articles have suggested that this intense focus on female-only reproductive education may be shortsighted. In other …

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