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Jul 06

The Politics of Women’s Health in the US: Part Three

The biggest news last week was no doubt the Supreme Court ruling upholding President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), or you may know it by its catchier on name ‘Obamacare’. The Act does a lot of good for different groups of Americans, but the one I want to look at is the biggest: women. This …

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Jun 14

The Politics of Women’s Health in the US: Part One

The Debate Over What Emergency Contraception Does Exactly? I thought that the issue of emergency contraceptives pills (or also commonly called the morning-after pills, but referred to as ECs from here on out) was settled. I wasn’t naïve enough to think that everyone supported it, but thought that at least it was an accepted method …

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Jun 12

Celebrating 100 Years with the Girl Scouts of America

The Girl Scouts of the USA celebrated their 100th anniversary this year on March 12th, making them one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the country. With approximately 3.2 million current members and 59 million alumnae, chances are good that either you or someone you know has been or still is a member …

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